Jan 21st 2019 Lunar Eclipse – Wake Up Star Seeds!

This time we are moving through is hectic indeed, and soon people will be forced to recognize their friends and family as either friend or foe, and it will manifest most clearly on an emotional level.

Let’s just get into it.

The eclipse hitting 00° Leo/00° Aquarius is important. Think about how these signs express their energies; why are they opposing? Leo energy is about royalty, loyalty, magnanimity, generosity, yet greed, rapaciousness, hogging attention at the expense of others. He puts on a show so others can watch, admiring his glory. Aquarius is also an individual, yet one who works for the benefit of humanity as a whole. The Aquarian is sometimes more concerned about society so much that he loses himself in that great wave of high emotions and superficial beliefs.

On one hand we have the guy who loves to be looked at and smiles with great intensity; on the other hand we have the bookworm who is inventing the next gadget that could change mankind forever. A king traveling the country with the finest accommodations; an underground rebel plotting how to overthrow his tyrannical rule. We have the regal nature versus the eccentric nature. These two characteristics don’t mix too well on a mundane level.

Now when you look at the political games that people in power keep playing with the general population, the resulting mental and spiritual confusion among humanity becomes clear. Celebrities are carrying on making movies and television shows, despite hoarding vast amounts of wealth that can help many children. Media outlets are falsifying articles, and getting called out for it hours later. Religions are quoting “Peace,” yet pit brothers against brothers. World leaders are going to extreme measures to get what they want, not aware of the harm they cause to thousands of people. What exactly is their end goal?

The energy of this eclipse will create a dividing line between people who are egotistical and self-serving (because that mindset is familiar and easy to fall back on|Moon @ 00° Leo) and people who are interested in helping the society advanced forward (because that is their mission in alignment with their will|Sun @ 00° Aquarius). It will be such a public and obvious scene because the Moon will be conjunct right as the eclipse goes exact.

This division between friends and family alike will will cause many to do an abrupt 180 in the eyes of other people. Its shock value lies in the T-square by Uranus @ 28° Aries.

Uranus is practically begging to leave the fiery sign of Aries, having retreated from Taurus and taken a remedial course in Aries half of last year. His rebellious yet intuitive energies yearn to actuate and start wrecking the not-so-humble abode of Taurus, sign of values, perseverance, material wealth, yet also pleasure, indolence, and banks. That Uranian energy brings with it a pioneering and aggressive jolt of juice to both the Sun and Moon, and he doesn’t do it kindly (hence the square).

This diametric dynamo between Leo and Aquarius will become a difficult topic to ignore for a lot of social groups. We will all endure several tests where we must choose between what we know will help everyone and what we know will only help ourselves. The answer may not be what you think, however.

This will affect both parties. The selfish will hoard all their items and aggressively lead isolated, angry, predatory lives. They will live exclusively and demand that others be like them or serve them in some manner seen or unseen.

The healers will feel inspired to get out and start taking action. They will begin to understand how they can fit into certain societies and what they do within them. This is the beginning of spirituality and esoteric practices actually becoming a mainstream thing.

The emergence of Mars into Aries at the beginning of the year will add fuel to the fire. Too long has he been wallowing in Pisces, and he’s not roaring to act in some way. But has he properly mapped out his course of action? Will Mars show us the right way to be?

Another factor to be cautious of is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction over in Sagittarius. The conflated, we’re-so-happy social life that many are leading, without even questioning where it will all go in a few months. The overindulgence, the indolent pleasure seeking, hanging out with yes men and tendency to be too opinionated at the cost of objectivity is trine to that Martian bulldozer of aggression, conflict, war. We must be vigilant of what’s going on around us and take into account where the actions we take today could lead us down the road.

As the Venus-Jupiter conjunction is squaring Neptune chilling in Pisces, another Jupiterian sign, we may see a resistance of some sort to the spiritual energies most are feeling on the planet. I can definitely say in my own experience that I have been irritated by these selfish, ego-driven people very much in the past week. It’s going to be a true trial of whether or not the leaders of tomorrow can hold their ground and stay on track and listen to the messages they have been receiving for about the past six months.

Anyway, this is just my interpretation. I welcome any ideas on what this could mean for us in the months to come, especially considering the huge Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be coming around a year from this eclipse. Thank you for reading.

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