Three Signs That Need to Chill

Sure, every sign has its ups and downs, but these three signs don’t know when to throw in the towel and quit!

Virgo – We get it, you know everything about everything, but not everyone is as privy to being corrected, criticized or analyzed anytime they drop the ball. What you need to remember is that mistakes are the flavor of life; they are how we learn and evolve to become better versions of ourselves. The other signs have a bit to learn about digging deep into the details, so yeah they are going to execute things a bit messily. All that critical and factual flotsam screws with your bowels anyway. Instead keep a journal where you can let out all those cranky thoughts. 

Scorpio – Now, don’t come at me but Sun sign Scorpios or Scorpio risings need to RELAX. That intense energy you have is great, but not everyone shares that high level of vitality and determination. Usually there is a tendency to try forcing other people to see your views, or perhaps you have learn more underhanded ways to do so. Find a physical activity to serve as an outlet for all that juice or perhaps dive deep into some esoteric knowledge or science so you can keep a leveled head. 

Capricorn – A very paradoxical sign; one that has high ambition to achieve something and get work done, but it is also very cautious to abandon tradition. You seek the riches but have the toughest time loosening up and going with the flow. It’s okay that the other signs don’t share the same passion you do for getting shit done, now stop berating them about it and calling them lazy. What you may need is a partner or close friend who forces you to try new things from time to time and activates your emotional center.

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