Sun In the Signs

In a horoscope, the sun is one of the most important placements. It represents the individual, the ego-will, the life force. It is what drives us to breathe every day until the day the illusion is all over. The sun symbolizes how we express ourselves and how we create through simply being. As it passes through the signs, its meaning receives the flavor of each and takes on a different persona. The knowledge of astrology is far more than just sun signs, but knowing the basics is one way to get started on knowing the entire chart. 

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The sun is exalted in Aries, and it’s no wonder why. This sign marks the vernal equinox, the point where the sun begins increasing in power and its gentle rays give life to the fertile earth sprouting vegetation. Aries sun natives are born leaders, brave, capable and pioneering, raring to spring into action. At times they can be aggressive or impulsive, making mistakes quickly yet also learning to adjust just as quickly. Aries sun natives have the potential for great actions given the “just do it” nature of the first sign. 


Now these are natives who like having possessions, love money and enjoy all things pleasurable. They are reserved, enduring, determined, patient, and slow to act. Taurus natives are moved by beauty and art, being ruled by Venus. On that note, these natives really enjoy their pleasures. It’s not uncommon for them to gain a few pounds due to gorging on their favorite foods. Other than that, people with their sun in Taurus have great memory, are stubborn, ferocious when angry, practical, composed and self-centered. They have a tendency to be lazy during peaceful times.


If you like talking, a Gemini sun native is your person. They are the masters of communication and information. In the best case scenario, these natives are eloquent, intelligent, healthily curious, studious, agile, and youthful. There is a general sanguine appearance to Gemini sun natives and they do tend to be beautiful. But on the negative side, they can be tricky, manipulative, gossiping, lacking in concentration, unloyal and two-faced. The airy quality of Gemini make is hard for them to express and share emotions. This helps them stay detached while they chat and gather information from so many people. The fickle-sided nature of Gemini is not out of spite though; they simply understand well how to get people talking.


At the beginning of Cancer the Sun has reached its maximum height in the sky and slowly begins its descent back towards the underworld. How weird then that Cancer is such a quiet mouse! A tendency to be soft, sensitive, emotional and impressionable belongs to these natives. They are usually shy and timid, but many placements in the horoscope can make them more outspoken and active. Cancer is the sign of nurturing, domestic affairs, protection and privacy. These natives are extremely family-oriented, whether it’s their own or a band of kindred souls. They feel strongly defensive of those they love and desire a deeper connection to their love partners. Some positive traits are tenacity, artistic ability, sympathy, maternity, homey, and patriotic. A less evolved Cancer would be cowardly, changeable, too touchy-feely, lost in imagination, and self-defeating.


Here the sun truly shines (pun intended) as it does very well in the sign it rules. Leos are magnetic creatures, exploding with creativity, generosity, idealism, inspiration, sincerity, and intuition. Just like the sun, these natives have much of themselves to give to humanity. But they are only human and their egos typically demand some recognition and love for what they do. Leo suns have the tendency to hog the spotlight if they have not learned it’s best to share. When a Leo is not acting positively, he or she can be dictatorial, tyrannical, promiscuous, overbearing, hot-headed, pompous, and condescending. On the light side, a positive Leo will be gracious and magnanimous, sharing the greatness so everyone receives applause.


With your natal sun in Virgo, you are analytical, methodical, critical, cautious, and prudent. You tend to recognize immediately when a person or organization is not operating at its most efficient level. This can completely fly over the heads of the other zodiac signs, but for you it is probably one of your top three pet peeves. While you are certainly vocal about what inefficiencies you see around you, others can find your input as nagging, overcritical, and anal. It fits the Virgo temperament to be worrisome, anxious, or nervous as this sign rules the bowels. These natives are also usually concerned with health in some way; either they are obsessed with health and having everything clean as a whistle, or they completely throw hygiene out the window.


Libra sun natives feel most complete with a partner. There is something about them that needs a close relationship to be secure and confident in their own ability. Libra natives tend to be thoughtful, affectionate, peaceful, diplomatic, compromising, beautiful, graceful and impartial. To them refinement in action is highly appreciated. The sun does experience its fall in Libra through; these natives tend to give up their will and individuality too easily just to keep the peace in their interactions. At least these natives tend to be quite popular and good with business negotiations. They also greatly appreciate fine art and music. Museums, galleries, operas and concert halls are their favorite places to relax.


Unfortunately this sign receives a lot of bad rep and it’s not necessarily undue. Scorpio sun natives are intense, penetrating, investigative, tenacious, determined, and ambitious. Although they are usually quiet, there is an aura around them that exudes power and control that other people detect. This sign was traditionally ruled by Mars hence its strong, violent nature. However it is a water sign and thus most of its intensity lies below the surface. These natives are deeply emotional and are often victims of their own powerful subconscious urges. Most Scorpios are secretive and operate under the radar by burying their faces in sciences or occult fields, but if they are negative and desirous these natives can be manipulative, caustic, suspicious, controlling, dominating, vindictive, or overly passionate. They need to find an appropriate outlet for their massive levels of excitement or else they risk imposing that energy into their relationships.


Sagittarians are happy-go-lucky, optimistic, honest, and philosophical. They tend to express their beliefs and have a tendency to become preachers and evangelists, or they just end up frequently sharing their opinions as facts with friends. By this they can be pushy and feel entitled to speak without turn. The mutable nature of this fire sign shows they have a tendency to share information with others, but the fiery nature shows how imposing they can be. Their mutable modality also signals variable interests, so it’s not uncommon to see them change their passions quite often. If not careful, Sagittarius natives can become quite bossy, opinionated, wasteful, boisterous, or uncompromising. It should also be mentioned this sign usually loves sporting events and competition.


Ruled by harsh, karmic Saturn, Capricorns are the work horses of the zodiac. To them achievement and results are everything. Mars here is exalted, showing how much energy the Capricorn contains, even though it is a feminine, earth sign. What they have is a focused determination and unrivaled patience (perhaps aside from Taurus natives). Unfortunately, due to this high focus on achievement, they tend to lack warmth or emotional connections. What Saturn grants in capability and masterful patience, he takes away in emotional fulfillment. These natives are often high-strung and anal (like Virgos), yet emotionally explosive and desirous (like Scorpios). All in all, these natives have incredible organizing skills, practice prudence and caution in all they do, and have an incontestable amount of ambition. If you need to learn how to build something, a Capricorn will break the process down into a step-by-step plan. Negative Capricorns tend to be impatient, cold, jealous or greedy, depressed and anxious.


The sun loses much of its power and experiences its detriment in Aquarius. Now the individual’s will exists solely for the group, sacrificing body, mind and soul to find a way to make the world better for everyone. They truly understand the motto “all for one and one for all.” This energy can manifest as the wacky genius who invents technology that makes life a little easier, the social justice warrior who believes s/he fights for progression, or the leader of a rebel army squaring off against the government for freedom of tyranny. At the end of the day, liberty of expression is the name of the game for Aquarius natives. They tend to be progressive, inventive, scientific, philosophical, and humanitarians. Adversely, they can be rebellious, gullible about social issues, emotionally distant, radical, subjective, and enjoy shocking people purely for pleasure.


Finally we have come almost full circle to the most ambiguous sign of them all. Pisces natives tend to get a bad rep for how much they daydream, but that’s what makes this sign incredible; their vivid imaginations can lead to some very creative and artistic talents. They love art, music, poetry and all creative expression. They tend to exhibit all of the modalities: when they believe they have found a purpose, they become active like cardinal signs; if a belief is prevalent or powerful in their minds, they become stuck in that mindset and stubborn, as the fixed signs; when a belief clashes with a belief of their neighbors or pushes them towards service, they become sharing and talkative like mutable signs. Definitely at the core of the Pisces native is a strong belief system that controls all of his/her actions. This could be great if those beliefs are grounded in facts, but the dreaminess of Pisces can lead to severe self-deception. At their best Pisces natives are inspirational, idealists, hospitable, peaceful, telepathic, aware and perceptive. Their negative traits are dreaminess, indecisiveness, carelessness, self-victimization or blaming, submissiveness, and timidity. 

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