Updates 10/30/2019

Finally, the base of the website has been completed!

Firstly, the Zodiac pages are finished. They contain the low-down on each sign, along with some keywords to help get the gist of what they represent. Check them out!

The Planets have finally been added to the website. Each planet page has its rulerships and detriments, some keywords, and some information on what each planet represents in astrology.

Finally, all the Houses pages have been added and completed.

This is basically the skeleton of the site, and I’m excited to have gotten this far. It took a LOT of writing and thinking about each piece; this process put me really in tune with my receptive, spiritual nature. But I’m so winded. Definitely wish I had a girlfriend to celebrate with. Womp.

Getting serious though, the projects never end! Next up, I’ll be adding the planets through each sign and house. If you’ve missed it, I have already covered the Sun through the Signs, and you can check out that post here. Tomorrow stay tuned for a Mercury Retrograde post, where we’ll talk about what to expect from the planet’s final retreat in 2019. Subscribe to the blog so you’ll never miss any post in the future.

I would also appreciate, if you received some sort of knowledge from the site, consider donating to help the cause! It helps put food on the table, plus I’ll be able to add more features to the site once I can pay for premium membership on WordPress. 🙂

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