Mercury is Retrograde… Again

Mercury stations retrograde (@ 27°) after a passing visit from Venus in Scorpio on Oct 31st. Perhaps he forgot something back in the sign of the dark, hidden mysteries of life. He says his goodbye to the Goddess of Love as she flings open the wide double doors of Sagittarius, inquiring of the whereabouts of Jupiter therein. Mercury, pensive and quiet, heads back towards the Sun to retrace his steps through the path once tread.

When Mercury runs through Scorpio, our minds develop a laser-like focus and our attention turns to matters that have intense meaning for us. We become detectives, penetrating our inner natures to discover what we really care about.

For the past two weeks (since October 11th; Mercury’s shadow period begins @ 11°) we have found ourselves locked into a passion, digging deeper into our true selves. Whatever activity we were caught in has a powerful emotional meaning to us, and most likely it felt refreshing and rejuvenating to partake in it, to share that experience with others, and to think of more ways to create with it.

Now, for those who have found that passionate activity, this retrograde period is your downtime; the intensity of Scorpio is not meant to last forever. But think about how differently you feel now compared to before you began your activity:

  • Has it satisfied you on an emotional level?
  • Was it something you had been postponing repeatedly?
  • Now that you’ve been dabbling in it for a bit, how has it changed you internally?
  • Do you feel powerful doing it?

These questions capture the immense control that Scorpio can restore for those who oblige responsibly to their emotional urges; they call to mind the power we all possess in our own particular professions or talents, regardless of the opinions and crap we hear from others. Use this retrograde period for review of the past two and a half weeks: focus on how you can maintain that power you feel or how you can refine it for greater effect.

If you haven’t seen much of a difference in the past two and a half weeks, but yet somehow you still come across this article feeling somewhat empty, this is a chance to wake up and take the reigns back, my friend. As Mercury moves backward to that 11° point (until November 20th) use this time to think about what really satisfies you. What quells your emotional desires? What actually makes you feel powerful when you perform that act? What is your power? You may have to travel to the darkest corners of your own being (or even better, seek an astrologer’s advice 😉 ) to find out what exactly gets blood flowing through your veins again.

After stationing direct on November 20th, Mercury will move through its shadow region until December 7th. This grants us another opportunity to cannonball deep into whatever activity is regenerating us. Use it to your advantage.

Meanwhile, Venus approaches the power players Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, preparing to overtake them mid-December. Shes seems to be preparing for something, having met with Jupiter in his home, who has also moved into the sign of the Sea-Goat.

I wonder what that savvy femme fatale is up to…

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