Moon in the Signs

We’ll be looking at the Moon signs from an esoteric perspective, which is astrology based on the evolutionary progress of humanity. The following interpretations, therefore, are useful in raising awareness of how your emotional nature may impede your truest expression.

Yes really, the Moon’s influence can set us back a bit as it deals with the emotional and habitual self. Its placement in the zodiac shows the emotional fulfillment the individual needs to have met in order to feel safe, secure and comfortable in our environment. A lack of security can cause the individual to act out of alignment with the true self in order that he may satisfy selfish emotional desires.

For evolution to occur, the individual must learn to best his or her emotional nature and remain neutral about life, to let the emotions and thoughts enter the consciousness and also pass away. Only then can we be objective about the physical reality. However, what tends to happen is an attachment forms to certain emotions, causing the ego to be strongly identified with them. But the person must let that false identity go if he or she wishes to contribute talent to human evolution. The reward of doing so is a mastery of sorts with the skills utilized to satisfy the emotional need, which can then be useful in carrying out the life purpose or teaching others that same skill.

Thus, the Moon sign shows not only the native’s instincts and habits, but also her oldest tricks in the book.

Disclosure: some of these interpretations are borrowed from Noel Tyl, a well-experienced astrologer who has been working in the craft for over 40 years. His work on the Moon’s influence in the charts has allowed me such a seamless integration into this article.


The native with Moon in Aries experiences a strong drive to be number one. Their reigning need is to become a public figurehead, the leader, but not necessarily the fame that comes with it. They have a compelling emotional drive for new undertakings and new activity. A need to be taken care of first causes a very nervous and anxious temperament. Therefore the emotions are impulsive and quick to fire but usually mentally focused, and any anger cools off quickly, especially if the Sun is in a water or mutable sign. Having worked with their emotional need to begin projects, these natives can teach others how to do the same for their own projects.


The Moon is exalted in Taurus, and for good measure as who lacks comfort when they have their resources in order? This native has a reigning need, an obsession with possessing material form. They need organization and structure in their environment before moving forward. Their emotional nature is satisfied by being creative and being surrounded by resources valuable to them. Having worked with this need, these natives develop skill for materialistic gains, which can be taught to others.


With the Moon in Gemini, the need is to be seen as informed, to have all the answers. This is someone with a need for constant chatter and gathering of information in the environment. The home life tends to be like an open forum. This gives Gemini Moon natives a mental connection with the physical reality. Undoubtedly they could teach others about how to gather knowledge in their environments as well.


Sitting in its ruling sign, the Moon makes the native soft, nurturing, and caring. He or she will have a tendency to be very motherly or doting towards her close ones. Home life is where these natives shine. The skills of support and nurturing can be taught to others so they can be emotionally secure and supported as they progress on their own paths.


The individual has a need to express him- or herself creatively and to be recognized for their talents. A need for honor and appreciation makes these natives sensitive of others’ opinions, as they often request validation from their environment. This can lead to use of their creative faculties to act out when they are emotionally unfulfilled. Moon in Leo natives have a knack for accessing their creative talents, which could be taught to others so they too can have their time on the stage of life.


In esoteric astrology, the Moon rules Virgo, favoring its perfectionist tendencies. Natives with this placement are usually high strung, with a reigning need to be correct, to understand and to express things. They feel a certain satisfaction when they do their homework and see how efficiently everything runs as a result. Otherwise these people are prone to bowel and digestive issues due to their anxious and worrisome nature. Having realized their own efficiency, they can help others to practice resourcefulness as well.

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Moon in Libra natives need to be liked; they want desperately to be seen as fair, attractive and popular. Emotionally they tend to sit on the fence, having sympathy for and understanding of both sides of an argument. This can lead to heavy indecision and procrastination in some cases, but when a choice is made these people have emotionally weighed their consequences thoroughly. Such a great ability to harmonize with others and achieve balanced relationships can be taught to others so they learn to balance their own partnerships in life.


The Moon experiences its fall here as the individual has a reigning need to be in control over objects of desire. These natives want to be regarded as deep, significant, reliable, and right. The emotional nature is powerful, intense yet determined, secretive, plotting, and manipulative. Care must be taken that these natives do not obsess over immoral desires. When they realize the best form of control is over one’s own self, they can help others transform their own lives by regaining control over themselves as well.


The reigning need is to have the opinions respected and listened to for these people. They have a strong physical drive, a need for education, and are generally quite optimistic, carefree and indulgent. In addition, a strong need for direction in life lies within them. After satisfying their numerous aspirations in life, they can assist others with searching for and attaining their own goals in life.


The Moon situated in Capricorn gives these natives strong ambition and a need to make things happen. They have amazing managerial talents and a patient, strategic mind. Unfortunately it is difficult for Capricorn Moons to sense and express their emotions; they tend to be quite withdrawn and nervous. But with their gift for materializing their ambitions, these natives can teach others the magic of materializing their own goals.


These individuals instinctively want to be socially significant by helping others. They want to be individualistic and special in group efforts. At their core they are true humanitarians, desiring personal liberty to feel secure. However this placement also gives a tendency to be quite erratic and rebellious. The time these people spend connecting various types of individuals can be invested back into highlighting the uniqueness of each member’s contribution to humanity.


With the Moon in Pisces the reigning need is to be recognized for the sensitive nature, the ideals, and the spiritual workings of the individual. These natives have a fantastic eye for art and aesthetics. Sometimes they can be too dreamy and impractical. Pisces Moon natives are very impressionable, finding it easy to absorb the emotions of their environment. With an ease of escaping the physical reality to work in the spiritual realm, these natives can assist others in accessing spiritual realms themselves.

Esoteric astrology is concerned with how we as individuals contribute to the massive evolution of humanity’s awareness of its spiritual nature. As we progress through time, more and more attention will be paid to the intangible side of life, until a balanced is reached and we collectively work together to achieve goals that benefit more than just one individual.

That is why the Moon’s position in the natal chart is so crucial to understand from this perspective. Where the Moon lies shows not only what emotional desires could hold us back from sharing, but also, once we have learned to overcome and utilize those desires responsibly, how we can share of ourselves with other members of humanity who can use the help.

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