Soothing Waters – Sun in IV, VIII, XII

If you’re like me, you constantly need to retreat from this world full of advertisements, entertainment, and distractions. I live in New York City, the city that never sleeps. Also, I live near a highway, a river, and a bridge. I’m practically drowning in constant noise. But after a while the shit just gets overwhelming. Then I started thinking, “Well damn, I am an astrologer. Can’t I figure out what would calm me down based on my chart?” And you are reading this, so guess what. I did.

The following are some advice based on what house your Sun is located. Why the Sun and not the Moon? Well the Moon can be moody, shifty, unreliable and too emotionally charged at times. We’re dealing with the emotional houses, so we don’t want to activate any more of that. The Sun is the core of who we are as individuals, and it’s location in the chart shows where we direct our attention and energy the most in life. It makes sense (at least to me) to reconnect with who we are as individuals to recuperate after a long week.

The Water Houses – Fourth, Eighth, Twelfth

If your Sun is in the fourth, eighth, or twelfth houses, chances are your emotions can sometimes get the best of you. Take it from me: my Sun sits in the eighth house, and even with my Leo ascendant and Aries Sun, I get really overwhelmed if I’m not paying attention to my mental and emotional health. I have a tendency to overwork myself (with Capricorn on the cusp of my sixth house and Saturn in my sixth), so it’s hard gauging how I feel when I’m preoccupied.

What people like us need is time to let our emotions settle, whether its sadness, jealousy, over-zealousness, or exhaustion. We need to recharge our batteries and come back to neutral.

Here are some ways to hit your own reset button, based on the house your Sun is in.

Tibetan Medicine at Secret Energy

Fourth House – Look Within/Create

The fourth house is ruled by the Moon, who as we said is rather moody. If your Sun is here, retreat to your bedroom, lock the door, and turn off your phone. Vanish for a few days. You need some time with yourself. If you live near a body of water, maybe a lake or river, go outside and stare at nature for a few minutes, or listen to some rain drops and running water in your headphones. Take a shower and just feel the water running against your skin, washing the trouble down the drain.

The fourth house is very personal; withdrawal is kinda natural to you as it is. Why not use it to your advantage? If you are creative, take some time to practice your craft. Play an instrument; draw figures; take pictures. You need to remember that you are a creative, imaginative being to restore your emotional center.

Eighth House – Get Busy/Psychoanalyze

As weird as this sounds, us eighth house suns recharge our batteries by delving forehead first into a subject that we love. For example, as I’m writing this right now, I’m bopping my head to some deep house mixes, not giving a fuck about the world. This blog post right here IS my world for a flash. Remember that the eighth house is similar to Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars and Pluto. There aren’t going to be many relaxing activities that soothe us. I mean hey, the eighth house also represents sex, too. We know what a fantastic stress reliever that can be.

The eighth house also symbolizes going deeper into the psychological aspect of life. It’s penetrating the surface and understanding everything about a situation. You want to get lost in a project, a conspiracy theory, some esoteric or occult knowledge, a scientific study. Working in this manner will remind you what a beast you are at getting to the root of all things. When break time is over, you can continue playing in the matrix with renewed confidence in your power.

Twelfth House – Isolation/Meditation

If your Sun lies in the twelfth house, chances are you aren’t seen much anyway. So vanish, just like the fourth house. The difference is this house is related to Pisces and ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Inherit is the element of spirituality and higher beliefs. You need to reconnect with your higher self and leave the physical plane for a moment. This can be setting up an alter, taking a few minutes to meditate, however you need to do so. Another way to rejuvenate is to go boating or out on the open water. Feel the wind against your skin and breathe in the lovely scent of the water. Let it flow through you like light and cleanse your emotional body.

If you don’t think you have a spiritual nature, there’s no way you’re reading this post in the first place. Find out what your innermost belief is about the magic of life, the universe and existence. Read about it, learn more, and you may find you have a little spiritualist hiding inside you, nevertheless waiting to emerge.

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