Saturn in Aquarius

Now is a time for everything to change. Our foundations are being molded slowly and weirdly at this time.

The coronavirus is taking the world by storm. Whatever it is, an idea or fact, this thing seems to be a part of the human race forever. It is going to be something that we didn’t think would ever happen in reality.

But it’s slowly happening. We keep seeing the stories and reading the emails. Saturn is the bad guy that we never wanna talk about. His presence is enough to scare away children.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

He always ruins the party. Every mention of Saturn gives each person a different reaction. Some might feel down about it; others might take enlightenment from it. He is the discipline figure who always reinforced the law.

We often take Saturn’s meaning to be obligatory, so these times can seem particularly rough. But it is also a time of setting foundations, firm and solid bases that even the test of time cannot best. Those good moments are delayed because they include practice and forward momentum.

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I was sitting at my desk just staring at the internet. And I’m thinking of all these cool different things that we can do in NYC to save lots of money:

  • start creating urban gardens to save lots of money from importing goods to the city
  • have a better reformation system, one that doesn’t involve years of a person’s life
  • getting rid of psychopaths and selfish individuals who keep saying the represent “you”
  • turning to alternative methods like Reiki, turning forks and crystal healing
  • grouping together to survive whatever wildness is about to erupt.

However, when Saturn enters Aquarius, we experience challenges with the people around us, with the goals and aspirations we must share with humanity. Over the next coming days, especially for young adults, we have to consider how our habits are affecting the people around us. Are the actions we take putting ourselves and those close to us in danger?

We’re either going to find out what that means painfully, or glide by because we have mastered the art of communicating with other people. Now is when love is needed the most. Healers and light workers around the globe are being forced to stay inside and be bored. And when a light worker gets bored, they find themselves and their true purpose. Their only choice is to finally go inside, and pay attention to the whispering voice they may have previously ignored.

Mastery, teaching, and wisdom have always been the most slept on aspects of Saturn. The thing is, not everybody gets to that level, so it manifests as fear, doubt, and worry for our safety. Or a fear of losing control over everything and now being subdued by our karma.

It is indeed what we do that defines how our destiny plays out. Acting from the self, from the deep inner you, will always yield a harmonious, fulfilling result. Love is always the best answer for every situation. Just know that love can have many forms in physical reality.

Therefore, let us go through these tough and trying times with love in our hearts. Let’s keep thinking about how the people right next to us could be whose hands we reach out to. It’s always important to realize that everyone has their trials and tribulations, so let’s forgive and forget.

Stay home and be safe. Wholeness!

Now is the perfect time to go inside and discover who you truly are. Astrology is a great tool that can help learn more about your tendencies, strengths, weaknesses, and even your destiny and fate. Click here if you are interested in finding out what your birth chart says about you.

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