Why Karma Free?

Personally I don’t believe in karma, not karma as we know it anyway. The idea of “karma” began as something different, and through the ages became a tool of mischief. Basically, there are too many unsound assumptions with the modern notion of karma.

The first thing I disagree with is the notion of “deserving” anything, good or bad. The historic Vedas of Hindu culture suggest something different: that karma initially began as simply the fruit of one’s labor. You hold a pencil high in the air, let it go, and the karma is that is falls on the ground. Karma simply represented the universal Law of Cause and Effect.

It later evolved into this idea of receiving back what you put into the material reality. In a sense this is true of karma. But it slowly became this sticky, gooey substance that contains the energy of everything you have ever done in this life and past lives. Now karma attracts to you the things you have done to others.

Here is the problem to this mode of thinking: if this is true, would not drug dealers, criminal bosses, government officials, police officers, and any one who commit serious crimes against humanity be subjected to this rule sooner or later? Why do the rich and wealthy always seem to get off scott-free throughout history? Ah, but yes, we forget a key aspect to the modern view of karma that complicates things…

The current give-and-take view of karma is very effective because it inhibits people from acting in the present. Reason being is the belief that those who do wrong may not see the wrong returned to them in this life, but in the next life (or afterlife in some cases) they will reap what they have sown in full. Okay… So because heinous acts will “eventually” be paid for, no action is needed against evil on our part? How very disempowering for the average person!

How many lifetimes will you wait before finally seeing evil punished? Image by annca from Pixabay

How often have you heard a religious person claim that someone doing evil will eventually “get theirs,” or “What goes around comes around?” What does that even mean?

Seriously, when you think about karma like this, some questions naturally come up. Who is doling out retribution? How can we prove they exist? Why do they delay and let evil people enjoy fantastic lives while the righteous stay poor and obscure? What is the significance of waiting until the next lifetime to punish them for what they are currently doing? There are so many assumptions that must be made for this notion of karma to have any weight in reality.

This sounds very much like the jackasses who convince young, impressionable high schoolers to apply for college with a faint idea of success and riches afterward. It is a snake oil salesman trying his best to take your money and youthful energy.

This meme, the modern view of karma, has infiltrated the human psyche and prevented people from taking action that is well within their capacity, simply because of the view that some higher power will correct the balance. It’s a severely limiting belief that strips us of power, intention, will, and passion for seeing goodness and love win in the physical reality.

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