Key Planets for Writers: Mercury

In this series, we’ll take a look at the planets most important to know in your birth chart if blogging or writing is your passion. After all, astrology is about knowing how your planetary placements suggest you act. When you know your own tendencies, you gain a little more control over the animal brain and become aware of your power.

Today let’s look at Mercury, the planet of communication. In astrology it represents how you write, speak, learn and share information. It symbolizes how you think, your perception and sense of sight, and your mental habits. These behaviors are quite different depending on what sign Mercury is in, meaning if you know what sign your Mercury is in, you can understand how you communicate better and use this to your advantage in your writing.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading for more details. You can obtain a free birth chart from to find out what sign Mercury was in at the time of your birth.

Mercury in Aries

Blunt, concise and quick-witted, your mind operates very quickly. You tend to reach conclusions rather fast, and even if your viewpoint is challenged you come up with various arguments to prove yourself. You have a lot of original and intuitive ideas which could benefit your writing. You need to follow your own guidance as you probably will not enjoy writing at someone else’s request.

Mercury in Taurus

Slow, determined and patient, your mind takes its time to make decisions. You like people and settings that aren’t rushing you. Your writing style is probably quite impressive, as you choose your words carefully. You also have a great sense of beauty, art and music, so these are good topics. A blog of personal pleasures might be right up your alley. Budgeting is another great topic for this Mercury sign. Actually any position where you have long deadlines would be a perfect fit for you, as you prefer to do things at your own pace.

Mercury in Gemini

Mercury rules the sign of Gemini, meaning you are an expert at gathering and disseminating information. You may be quite the chatterbox and have a lot to write about. You do have to be careful not to flood people’s newsfeed with nonsense; instead write about topics that actually require constant updates. A gossip or variety blog would be perfect for you, or just stick to social media for smaller, more often posts.

Mercury in Cancer

You are quiet, reserved, and shy. Your thoughts are emotionally charged. You tend to have thoughts of home and nurturing others. You could equally be a very creative and imaginative thinker, which is useful for adding excitement to your blog. An art blog, poetry blog, or homemaking blog is more your style.

Mercury in Leo

You love to talk about yourself: why you are so great, your accomplishments, your correct beliefs, anything about yourself actually. You tend to seek love for your thoughts, but you can also give love via inspirational speech. Your blog may be a platform where you express yourself candidly so you can receive some attention for your work. Additionally you could do very well as a storyteller.

Mercury in Virgo

Your mind is sharp and highly efficient. You tend to be quite analytical of how things are running. Your memory is quite good, and you can handle facts well. You can do well helping people run their lives more efficiently, saving them resources, money and energy. You may also have medical or health knowledge, which your readers would greatly appreciate.

Mercury in Libra

You view things fairly, capable of understanding both sides of an argument. This can lead to indecision as you get stuck weighing your options. Your thoughts and speech are refined, and you prefer peaceful environments; otherwise your mind literally stops working so well. You would do well reviewing fine art and music or writing about a topic that shows how high class your tastes and fairness are. Justice and law are other subjects you handle well.

Mercury in Scorpio

You have a penetrating mind and are able to read between the lines of life. You can become obsessed thinking about deep topics. You may have a certain fascination with uncovering the truth about anything.  Conspiracy theories, metaphysics, the occult and esoteric topics fit you well, or perhaps you are interested in the scientific field.

Mercury in Sagittarius

You are very opinionated and vocal about your beliefs. There is a curiosity about foreign cultures and travel and you may speak a few languages. You may also be interested in religions, spirituality, law and the justice system. A blog about these topics may come natural to you. Let everyone know what you think! But it is very important that your thoughts are backed by some facts. Otherwise others will counter your points and discourage you easily.

Mercury in Capricorn

Your mind is ambitious, structured and capable of planning out your goals. Your uncanny ability to plan and strategize is unmatched by Mercury in any other sign. You do well teaching other people how to plan out DIY projects, or how to structure practically anything in their lives.

Mercury in Aquarius

Most likely you are a genius or otherwise very intelligent, probably being great at mathematics. You have unique ideas and express your individuality proudly. A blog about science, inventions or even just weird things you find cool would benefit greatly from your eccentric mind.

Mercury in Pisces

Your mind is actually not here; you are constantly daydreaming, stuck in your vivid imagination. You have a great sense of spirituality and may even be telepathic. This makes you very sensitive and creative, giving you access to abstract ideas and images that other signs struggle to understand. Your blog could benefit from creative flair; a tumblr-esque photo blog suits you. If you want to write, share the numerous intuitions you receive from spiritual realms.

If your Mercury is being affected by other planets in your birth chart, its meaning will change depending on the planets aspecting it. If you are interested, contact me to get a more in-depth description of how your Mercury could be helpful for you. Hopefully this helped you get a sense of where your own power lies. Now use it to your advantage and write, my friends!

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