Mercury in the Eighth House

Natal Mercury in the eighth house signifies someone who loves deep thinking and science, how revels in discovering the hidden side of life. The eighth house of death and endings makes Mercury very determined to get to the root of everything.

In the eighth we also find other people’s belongings and the belongings of our spouse. With this placement, you can be very effective as a financial consultant. You do very well giving other people advice because your perception penetrates the surface to see the core of any problem. This gives you an upper hand when dealing with other people, but be aware that you are not using it simply for your own gain.

As the eighth rules science and surgery, these natives tend to be apt at those professions. Because they can lose themselves studying an interesting topic, these people tend to have work that requires deep thought or research. The eighth house lends Mercury an ability to excavate and retrieve all information possible.

Chances are that you are quite flirtatious, as the eighth rules the loins and reproductive organs. Sex may be on your mind often, but unless you have other placements that make you less clever and more mature, Mercury in the eighth is not likely to show a suave talker. Most likely your speech will be powerful, causing others to respect what you have to say. They trust that you have done your research and can deliver an honest message.

Everything perishes at some point, and in the eighth house we think of endings as transformations. When facing death, either our own or a loved one, we must change to cope with new circumstances. In this case the mentality is subject to recurring “deaths.” Here, Mercury is constantly changing and reanalyzing old beliefs and thought patterns. The person’s mind becomes adept at letting things go.

With all that being said, people with Mercury in the eighth house have the potential to change the minds of many via their speech or writing. They constantly have to be mindful of the effect of their words. Their mind is shrewd and their speech is powerful. At the end of the day, Mercury in the eighth house represents a determined, penetrative, and intense mentality.

Where is your Mercury? Curious about what it means? Find out more here.

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