Venus in the Eleventh House

Image by Henning Westerkamp from Pixabay.

Natal Venus in the eleventh house shows someone who has a lot of love for everyone. The eleventh is the house of friendships, organizations, communities, humanity at large. With Venus here, the native usually finds him/herself unable to specify a person to show affection. Each player receives due applause.

Venus also represents money, and the eleventh house also signifies the financial gains from our work, being the second house from the tenth. This person could receive a lot of money from their vocation, so it’s important for them to achieve what they want. Makes sense as the eleventh house represents hopes and dreams.

This placement also shows someone who loves to party and dance. They have an uncanny ability to connect with anybody, though how will depend on what sign Venus is in and what houses she rules. The eleventh house is also the love we receive from others, so these people find themselves active in their friends’ lives.

Romance is very important for these people, as the eleventh opposes the fifth house of love and gambling while squaring the second and the eighth houses – our values and the values of others, respectively. Things get heated if Venus is in Aries or she rules the fifth house.

One of the downsides of this placement is the lack of personal intimacy. Just as Venus in Aquarius, in the eleventh society takes center stage before personal relationships. These people will often be disappointed by what they perceive as the lack of effort from their partners. They will often feel the give and take is weighted against them.

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