Saturn in the Seventh House

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay.

Natal Saturn in the seventh house can be a blessing for the native as the seventh house is technically Saturn’s exaltation, being loosely tied to Libra. Funny how Saturn has a hard time dealing with himself in Aries, yet surpasses most other planets when it comes to dealing with other people. This is because Saturn represents the teacher, the mature and experienced person who has much to say. But no one can avoid the frustrating aspects of Saturn, especially in this house.

In the seventh house of love and relationships, Saturn will put a hold on these natives’ love life. They will likely not marry until they after their Saturn return. If they happen to get married before then, they quickly regret the decision and a divorce is soon to follow. Saturn makes them take relationships very seriously. They need a patient partner who is willing to slowly get to know the native, and will not rush them into any partnership. In fact, that would be a sure way to get rid of a Saturn in seventh individual. In this way they learn to truly value their friends and partners.

As Saturn struggles with the emotions, these people are defensive in love. This manifests as being overly serious when communicating with others; they subconsciously build up a wall around themselves meanwhile screaming internally for someone to tear the wall down. Unfortunately, as Saturn is the master, other people tend to fear the somber and exacting facade. Unknowingly the native thins the herd via his fear and misses out on many potential mates and flings.

That’s not to say they do not enjoy a satisfying sex life (although that entirely depends on other factors in the chart), but it does mean that these natives will falter in dating for the first 30 or so years of their life. During this time, they learn an enormous amount about dating, the other sex, and dealing with the public in general. By the time they hit the Saturn return they could make for fantastic dating coaches, offering solid advice based on experience or observance. You would be wise to heed a person with Saturn in the seventh when it comes to relationships.

It’s not all about love and romance however; the seventh house also rules enemies, business, and dealings with the public. Saturn gives these natives a bit of mastery when it comes to these topics. Imagine an old kung fu master who goes through the trials and tribulations of training to achieve his status. Similarly, Saturn has a tendency to really frustrate the matters it affects. Foes, rivals and antagonists feature prominently in the early half of life, but the native learns very quickly how to deal with opposition. Thus, this placement shows someone who is extremely resilient in the public sphere.

For business-minded people, Saturn in the seventh gives them an unrelenting tenacity to get through troubling times. Instead of high-octane energy and pumped up affirmations, they tend to put the nose to the grindstone and just get the work done. What could be a blessing is also a curse, as they tend to be workaholics and share little attention with loved ones or family.

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