Jupiter in the Sixth House

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Natal Jupiter in the sixth house indicates a busybody who continually refines their skills in order to provide the best service. Jupiter, as the planet of expansion, wisdom, experience, and jubilation, enlarges the native’s work life. It’s possible they may have a vast amount of proficiency in their profession. They also find themselves taking great pride in providing for the people they love.

I’ve never met an astrologer that likes talking about the sixth house. It represents our daily routine and habits, our servants or employees, our pets, food, our health, and civil obligations. As it comes after the fifth house of revelry and romance, this house is kinda sobering. The sixth house lies on the precipice of the “other” houses, ones concerned primarily with our relationship with society rather than ourselves. Thus this is where those ideas clash, as sixth is a cadent and therefore mental house.

With Jupiter here, these natives are focused on gaining as much prowess as possible in their servicing careers. Think hospitality, high-class chefs, hotel managers, hosts/hostesses, doctors and nurses. These jobs revolve entirely around the satisfaction of the client or customer, and Jupiter sees to it that they are given all the attention they pay for. And these natives do such a lovely job thanks to the optimistic, buoyant yet compassionate nature Jupiter gives to the work life. If their natal Venus is dignified in Pisces or positively aspected by Jupiter in the sixth, these people make for the perfect hosts and service people. There is nothing their clients will want if under their care.

These natives also treat their own employees extremely well. Think of Jupiter as the father of the prodigal son, who returns homes after wasting his money. The father, instead of chastising and berating his son, welcomes him home with open arms, vibrant music and a fantastic feast. Much in the same way, the people who work for these natives are never bored, as their boss is consistently in a great mood and is compassionate towards their needs. As you can imagine, this could lead to them being taken advantage of for their kindness, but betrayal by one’s servants is seen more with Saturn in the sixth house than Jupiter.

Jupiter in the sixth house has potential to manifest as the civil leader who actually gives a damn about the people. Think Bernie Sanders, without the communism. They are benevolent and know that their position as mayor, governor, or whatever, comes with a huge responsibility that they owe to the very people who voted them in. This is not to say they won’t fall victim to the typical traits of politicians, but with this placement they may hold out much longer than most or put on a very good show.

They take an interest in health and medicine as well. With Jupiter’s wisdom, these natives become great gurus or people who amass a wealth of philosophical knowledge (and money) in the medical profession. Since Jupiter represents higher education, opportunity and publishing, these natives can financially benefit from writing or teaching about their experiences in the medical, hospitality, or other servicing field. The point is that they accrue their value through the wisdom they gain in their field.

Jupiter in sixth house natives do anything for the people they love, especially in a man’s chart as Jupiter can describe how men act in a provident position, aka as a husband. However, being that the sixth house is twelfth from the seventh, the actual house of relationships, over-providence can be their downfall. Unlike in the seventh house, where Jupiter is at least interfacing with the energy of the partner, Jupiter in the sixth is primarily service-oriented. In other words, reciprocation is quite often lacking after these people have bent themselves backwards. It may not only be the spouse either: benefactors can include pushy customers, destitute family members, strangers down on their luck, and exploitative employers. Luckily the scope is not nearly as wide as people with Jupiter in the twelfth house, which basically signifies someone with a mission to save the entire planet. At least these natives have a chance to receive financial compensation for their efforts.

One positive side of this placement is fantastic health, assuming no harsh aspects to Jupiter or the sixth house ruler. They rarely get terribly sick, but when they do feel under the weather the process is usually drawn out thanks to the expansiveness of Jupiter. Nevertheless, as stated these moments are usually the exception and not the norm for these natives. If they take care of themselves and avoid excess and temptation from others, they will experience wonderful well-being.

Nine times out of ten, these people love to eat food. Jupiter is the planet of having a great time and enjoying oneself. This can obviously lead to obesity and pudginess if the native is not careful. They also need to incorporate exercise into their daily routine, or adopt a healthier diet.

It is also not uncommon to see a person with this placement save street animals or work at an animal shelter. They may have a lot of animals in the home or just really love other people’s pets. These natives must be careful that they aren’t spending more on their animals than themselves!

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