Astrology is Needed Now!

Sure I sound like I’m saying this to attract clients. But 2020 has consistently proven nothing can be taken at face value anymore; we need to go deeper to confirm that what we allow into our lives – whether relationships, careers, material goods, or information – is true and free from deceptive agendas.

Astrology is beneficial, even profitable, for a number of reasons. The first, probably most important thing to gain from astrology is detailed knowledge about yourself, your tendencies, your unconscious urges. By consulting an astrologer, you can learn your strengths and weaknesses, your typical emotional needs and reactions, your ideal mate or career, your relations with family members or your own family. Knowledge of self is the first step to self mastery.

Some astrologers are even talented enough to practice timing techniques, so you can literally know the best time for you to partake in specific activities. Imagine working with the flow of our solar system; you spend less energy executing the same actions that you would normally perform, unaware of whether it could yield any fruit. Astrology can show us when we feel more energetic physically, mentally, and spiritually, as well as those down times in between.

Astrology can show not only the best times for certain activities, but also it can show the difficult times of struggle and isolation. How many times have you found yourself in a certain situation to later reflect on it and realize that you have found yourself in similar situations your entire life?

Astrology can offer various perspectives on how to master these karmic cycles, so you can evolve and experience new lessons in life. It prevents emotions from getting the better of us by allowing us to see matters objectively and maintain a balanced perspective.

There is a copious amount of content that astrology can reveal to an individual, a family, a business, a relationship, and even a community, organization, or nation. Astrology is not simply a “belief” in the power of the planets; it is a rigorous study of thousands of years of observation by our ancestors. Go figure that one of the oldest sciences on the planet is also abundant in utility.

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