The Natal Chart of Donald Trump

Look, I have zero intention of getting into any sort of political talk. But let’s face it: things are getting buck wild in the united States of America.

There’s talk of a protest taking place in Washington D.C. on January 6th. Whether or not it’s true is up in the air, but I can’t help feeling that something could be really bad about this. To get rid of some of this anxiety, I turned to Solar Fire for some answers.

First, I want a little bit more intel on the Most Valuable President. In a later post, we’ll look at how he will be affected on the 6th of January.

Let’s get started.

Right off the bat you can tell that he’s not an ordinary fellow. He was born during a Total Lunar Eclipse, which is a pretty big deal in astrology and metaphysics.

Some say that eclipses offer brief windows of opportunities for spirits and entities to enter third density. Perhaps this could explain Trump’s uncanny 4D chess moves in the political sphere as of late?

Or, that can easily be explained by the highly intuitive, highly intelligent conjunction of the Sun, Uranus, and North Node all in Gemini. This combination rests easy in his tenth house, making him one damn good business man.

This planetary combination signifies someone who takes very unconventional methods when progressing, especially in business and vocation as it’s in the tenth house. Uranus is the planet of innovation, eccentricity and overseas travel. His businesses can reach out into other countries, and we know they have.

For someone who increased the united States GDP in three years and even employed the most minorities in American history, saying Trump is a solid businessman seems humble. That doesn’t even include his personal gains through business, which benefit both himself and his family.

And yes, believe it or not, Mr. Trump is likely a family man. He has Venus and Saturn conjunct in Cancer. Normally Venus and Saturn are awkward in this situation; Saturn has a tendency to dampen the pleasure Venus wants to have.

But for Mr. Trump, Cancer and Leo are heightened through the energy of the eclipse (it involves the Sun and Moon, after all). It is more likely the potential of this aspect makes him a sweet, doting father, softening his harsh nature when it comes to the family. It also makes him work harder for his family, especially his wife and daughter.

What really struck me was his natal Mercury in Cancer. He really should be a soft-spoken, quite timid fellow. This placement tends to make a person withdrawn and shy, mainly sharing with the people closest to him.

So how is it that he is so loud and outspoken?

Notice how Mars is dangling right on top of his natal Ascendant, in Leo no less. Mars is known for being mandatorily peregrine when transiting Leo. Peregrine planets sort of go their own way, as they receive no Ptolemaic aspects from other planets.

Although his Mars slightly sextiles/trines the eclipse in his chart, the fact that it’s in Leo kind of supersedes that. This creates his fiery nature, gives him a sharp tongue, and makes him ambitiously vicious.

Coupled with the fact that Trump’s Mars is squaring his natal Midheaven, this makes him one tough mofo.

This is a precursor for next week, when we’ll get into the transit chart of Trump on Jan 6th. We’ll see then whether it’s a good idea for him to host anything…

What do you see in Donald Trump’s Chart? Let me know down in the comments!

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