Mars in the Seventh House

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Natal Mars in the seventh house signifies a person heavily motivated by relationships. Whether intimate partners or business partners, this individual is passionate about the bonds they form.

Passion can scorch if it gets too hot. Disagreements or disruption within relationships are felt personally as Mars represents the ego. Those with natal Mars in the seventh should avoid pushing other people to accept their personal views on life or to do what they feel is “right.”

Enemies, rivals, and opponents are ruled by the seventh house as well. Mars here can set you on a path to fighting the world one person at a time. You may consider any resistance as a threat, and this activates your self-defense mechanisms.

And Mars loves a good fight. Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay.

You can channel this aggression in a positive light by being a respectable leader when it comes to your social group and your mentality. Most people are put off by an overbearing, dominating personality that coerces others onto its path.

Instead, they admire a courageous, brave, assertive personality that believes in what it does, but can respect the autonomy of others to have their own viewpoints as well. This means gaining authority in your chosen profession, getting an education, and giving people a good reason to listen to you.

With Mars in the seventh, you have a tendency to be the dominate partner in your relationship, or at least you put in much more effort than most. You identify with the people you are close to, which is why it sparks such passion when the disagreements begin. You give very easily in your relationships and can feel taken advantage of, which leads to overreacting and more aggression than necessary.

If you cannot control your dominating side, you will cause yourself a lot of pain. That energy would best be directed to fulfilling your dreams and goals and building up your talents. You might talk a lot about what you want to accomplish, but people desire action.

Much of this behavior could vary, depending on whether your natal Mars is poorly or well-aspected, as well as what sign it’s in and what sign is on the seventh house cusp.

What’s your experience of Mars in the seventh house?

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