The D.C. Protest and Donald Trump

Once again, I do this neutrally as an astrologer, not as a supporter of either side. To me they are both different sides of the same coin – a coin trying to slowly but surely strip away the rights of the individual citizen of the united States.

That being said, I do find this cosmic drama with Trump to be very interesting, considering his own natal chart (which you can view here) and the fact that Mars is soon going to enter Taurus and join up with Uranus. These are obvious astrological signs of an upcoming rebellion, especially with Uranus in Taurus.

It is getting clear that people are no longer satisfied by the current situation in the country (Taurus), so they will rebel and seek change (Uranus) in how things are run. The people need space and fresh air to exercise their own wills again (Mars), and eventually this will cause conflict with authority figures (Mars in Taurus squaring Saturn in Aquarius).

So with that small preface out of the way, I want to check the protest’s date transit on Trump’s chart. What can we expect for him personally as this significant moment in united States history takes place?

January 6th transit (outer) over Donald Trump’s chart (inner).

The first thing I look at when examining any transit chart are the planetary timings for the individual, also known as Zodiacal Releasing. This ancient technique, among many other timing techniques, claims that certain planets trigger major events in a person’s life only if that person is within the time period of that planet’s influence.

Table of Zodiacal Releasing for Donald Trump. Only traditional rulers are used.

Don’t get confused – basically, the major planets I will focus on are Mercury and Saturn, which rule the period Trump is under now. This means transiting Mercury and Saturn, along with transits to his natal Mercury and Saturn, are going to be the most important transits affecting him on January 6th.

Mercury – Choosing His Words Carefully

Mercury will be transiting his fifth house – potential for creative self expression. Transit Mercury will also be inconjunct to his natal Mars – adjusting how he takes action. Trump will have to change his expression to match the people around him. Makes sense if he will be among protestors; he will have to adjust his speech to rile them up accordingly.

Things could potentially go wrong if Trump incites more action than he can account for. He possibly understands how far his supporters are willing to go, but this won’t stop him from saying whatever he wants. The fifth house is also the house of amusement, and Mercury is not the most mature planet of the solar system. Trump must realize the seriousness of this situation or end up losing the very support he garnered.

Saturn – Fear of Losing Control of the Situation

Mr. Trump’s natal Saturn is not having an easy time, being opposed by transiting Pluto. Deep power struggles and wavering authority fall under this aspect, and his natal Saturn in Cancer may fear losing control as a loss of safety. This can result in holding on to the power he once had out of desperation, as Pluto can represent the biological fight-or-flight defense mechanism that activates for bare-knuckle survival.

However, just as well as this aspect could mean fear of losing power, it can also mean encountering a heavy load of opposition to one’s rightful authority. It represents a time when problem after problem arises without end in sight. Trump has his plate full of responsibilities attempting to right the wrong he feels has happened to him in the election. We see this with the amount of legal issues he is dealing with, fighting against what could possibly be a fraudulent vote count.

The transit Pluto opposing Trump’s natal Saturn is almost a desperate fight against evil from his perspective. It’s like trying to prove the truth amid all the “fake news” as he claimed years before. We will never see the truth come out through the mainstream media, that’s for sure.

Transit Saturn rests also in his sixth house. Saturn in the 6th suggests a time of getting to work, putting your nose to the grindstone and doing the necessary work for the future, when Saturn eventually enters into the seventh house. It basically reinforces that Trump has a lot of responsibility on his plate, especially now that the general public is backing him up (sixth house of civil duties and employees).


This is probably the most important time in our history. It actually has little to do with Trump; he’s just the actor playing a role right now. As are the rest of the politicians in Clown World.

However, the decentralization of banks due to cryptocurrency, the falling value of the USD due to constant printing of money for “COVID relief” checks, the rising of violence in major Democratic cities across the country due to defunding the police, and the rioting happening in key sections of those cities are indicative of major societal collapse and transformation.

These events coincide with the united States’ Pluto return, which is due February 2022. We are only starting to see the energy build up to a crescendo. We could just go with the flow and carelessly get swept away by all the emotional loosh in the environment. But astrology can help put a mature perspective on the events around us so we can live consciously instead of reacting to everything.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

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