Why “Bad” Aspects Don’t Matter (1)

How often have you looked at your natal chart, comparing it to someone else’s and thought: “If only these two planets weren’t squaring or opposing each other, my life could be so much better!”

I’m here to say… How do you know?

The biggest advantages of the human experience are the gifts of consciousness, awareness and self reflection. Many people take for granted that they can ponder over events in their life and view them from various perspectives. They tend to repeat the same situations over and over again, making the same mistakes, until they die. Then they review their life, wish for a different experience, and hop into the cycle once more.

It is a never ending game… if that’s what you choose.

So what am I getting at here? Let’s look at the following chart.

Ta-dah. A natal horoscope.

The Good, The Bad…

This individual was clearly someone who had a penetrating personality with his natal Sun and Mercury in Gemini in the eighth house. Sun conjunct Mercury also makes for a visionary, someone who has many ideas for the future. The Pluto square to both his Sun and Mercury suggests a commanding voice that people listen no matter where he goes. This person could talk their way out a warzone if they had to.

Venus in the eighth also suggests a very deep and intense sensual nature, being in Taurus. Or at the very least, it suggests someone who could easily receive financial and emotional support from others. Therefore this person should be charming and an effective socialite. Add to Venus a trine from Saturn in Capricorn, a sextile to his Midheaven, and a soft influence from the Lunar Nodes, and this person would be able to form lasting and effective bonds with people, especially in a business setting.

The Moon on the descendant would make him emotionally invested in most interactions with others. This is reflected by Neptune in Scorpio in the first house – an intense feeling of selflessness, deep emotions and a lack of boundaries. This person has the potential to be extremely compassionate with and nurturing to everyone they encounter. They also have the potential to dig deep into esoteric fields, metaphysical science, and the occult.

Mars in Aries in the sixth house makes for one helluva pioneer; this person can adjust their daily habits to fit their needs and goals instantly. They are also likely to be physically fit and agile, with a healthy sextile from Mercury in Gemini.

With both Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, this person should be a hardworking, moralistic person. Not to mention the trine Pluto makes to his Jupiter, which signifies a powerful advocate for morality.

To add even more wood to the fire, this person also had Uranus in the tenth house, which suggests someone who is very crafty and innovative in business, possibly reaching out to foreign lands.

There was HUGE potential for this individual…

The Ugly

Unfortunately, this chart belongs to Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer known as the Milwaukee Cannibal.

Jeffrey Dahmer was a very odd person by all accounts. He was an alcoholic; a social pariah; often resorted to acting as the class clown for attention; was deceptive towards people to get what he wanted; used drugs and alcohol to lure in his victims; and was a closeted homosexual. These are all indicative of a Neptune placement in the first house.

Neptune in Scorpio can also explain his curiosity of science, at least enough to serve his own goals. This placement can also cause one to get involved in taboo subjects, like pedophilia and dark rituals.

Jeffrey Dahmer used his natural charm and wit, as seen by his Sun, Mercury and Venus placements, to entice his victims to follow him to an isolated location. Instead of garnering financial support, Dahmer seduced unsuspecting, young men and betrayed their trust soon after. Betrayal and misunderstood intentions are other aspects of Neptune in the first house of appearances and identity.

Dahmer also held a fascination for dead animals, bones, and dissection. These are associated with Mars in Aries in the sixth house. In addition, he did serve a few years in the united States Army (another sixth house keyword), and according to reports, Dahmer was actually an “average to slightly above average soldier.” Thus his physical constitution was probably above average as well. Dahmer often strangled his victims to death with an object or his bare hands after drugging them.

And even though his alcoholism and resulting poor performance cause his early release from the Army, Dahmer was honorably discharged as his superiors didn’t think his issues would cause trouble in civilian life. Talk about getting support from other people!

You can even say that Dahmer did make use of his Uranus in the tenth house: he certainly disposed of his victims in very interesting, eccentric ways. I won’t describe them here, but a quick search of how Jeffrey Dahmer handled his victims’ bodies will answer this quickly.

What’s your point?

My point is that I’ve heard people complain about their placements, about how their natal charts are frustrating and that they wish they didn’t have XYZ placement or stellium. “Oh woe is me, Libra is making me sooooo appeasing to my friends and family.”

But the fact is: IT DOESN’T MATTER.

We forget that we are on this planet to learn lessons, to grow our soul experience. Even if you had fantastic placements, like Jeffrey Dahmer, you still have the free will to execute those placements as YOU see fit.

It doesn’t matter that you were born during a Full Moon, so your emotions and will are constantly at odds…

It doesn’t matter that Saturn is conjunct your Venus, so you never get the girl or guy you want, when you want it…

It doesn’t matter if…. and I can go on and on.

Our hardest lessons are often what helps us to grow the most. Sometimes we have to experience defeat, so we can be humble just long enough to be aware of ourselves and the situation. This is our power, so always remember that your life is what YOU make of it.

And if you do need advice, you can always contact an astrologer for advice! 😉

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