Libra and Karma – Doing Too Much

I have seen many posts online of people who are overwhelmed by their Libra placements.

Whether it is:

  • their Libra Sun
  • a Libra Moon
  • Libra Rising/Ascendant
  • or a Libra Stellium

I can speak from experience, having a Libra Moon myself. There is absolutely a reason why the Sun experiences its fall in Libra. Emphasis is placed on other people, and much of the inner self is compared to others. This leads to a feeling of weakness in a person, especially if their relationships are not energetically mutual.

Libra’s Karmic Energy – Know Your Karma

Libra energy is about marriage partners, close relationships and friendships, and known enemies and rivals. Libra represents our personal interaction with the world, being opposite to Aries, sign of the individual. That’s why Libra is ruled by Venus – its focus is keeping the peace, balancing energies, being just in all interactions, and achieving harmony in relationships. Libra also rules business and our general dealings with the public as well.

Living while constantly thinking and adjusting to the people in your life is difficult. Many Libra-heavy people claim to feel a lack of identity and sense of self. They tend to self sacrifice for other people in their lives. Instead of pursuing what they love, they tend to give those things up to make everyone else happy.

However, there is nothing wrong with that. Serving others is one of the highest actions one can perform. In fact cooperating with people makes you shine, Libra people. Negotiating is a valuable skill, is it not? It proves that you are capable of activating your harmonizing and just attitudes to form a beneficial bond – a compromise – with another person. Hence Libra’s significance with business.

Business affairs must follow customer demand for outstanding success. Marriage partners must compromise for long-term happiness. Social circles must offer value to all included for fulfillment. Rivals must pose a formidable challenge to claim such a title.

Choose Your Friends and Partners Wisely

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The problem that most Libra people have is they do not vet the people they choose to interact with. Similar to Venus in Taurus natives, Libra sun signs and people with Libra-emphasized charts tend to seek relationships and friendships with people constantly. There is something uncomfortable with being alone, almost as if they are afraid of their own selves!

My own natal Moon lies in Libra. When I was younger I had a very hard time being alone and discovering my own talents, likes/dislikes and desires. I’m sure that it had plenty to do with how I was raised, but that Libran energy utterly pushed me to fit in. Quite often I made friends with people whose desires and hobbies differed greatly from mine, just to avoid feeling left out.

What happened is I never asked questions about the people I would attach to. I never thought twice about if our personalities even matched, or if they even added any value to my life. As long as I did not have to go through life alone, I felt secure in any sort of relationship/friendship.

You can obviously see this is not a healthy way to live, and in fact is descriptive of a codependent mentality – relying solely on other people to survive. I had zero sense of self: there was no “me” to be friends with; there was no “me” to fall in love with. I lacked confidence that people would even like the real “me.” I basically melted into the social circle that was around me.

Bad idea. I ran into many “friends” who made fun of me – both in my face and behind my back. I spent years trying to repair my family as if it were my sole duty in life, at the cost of my own life goals. It was hard to break those attachments, but since I believed they were all I had, I bit the bullets and took all their crap while still giving away parts of myself that, quite frankly, they didn’t deserve.

However, I also have my natal Sun in Aries, so eventually I broke out from that cycle and started exploring myself and my own identity. Yes, I did have to break off many friends and relationships, some very suddenly. For many relationships I had to readjust to fit who I was. But at the end of the day it was worth it to become who I truly am as opposed to who everyone thinks I am.

In that same way, you have to vet the people in your life. Many complain that Libra makes them so accommodating and such a people pleaser. But in the right relationships, where the people you give to are giving back, you find that working together can be a blessing. But first you have to become a whole individual yourself.

Remedy for Libra Karma

If you have a Libra Sun, Moon, rising, or stellium, you can look to the opposite sign for assistance. In this case, Aries is the remedy for these people.

No, that doesn’t mean start cutting people off or getting combative with your family and friends. Aries is much more than just anger and aggression.

The Aries energy is about truth, honesty, and purity, as it is the first sign of the zodiac. It is like an infant, fresh in the world and ready to seek new experiences. As someone with Libra issues, you cannot be afraid to search for yourself first, before you start cooperating with others.

This means taking a break from relationships for a certain amount of time, until you are confident in yourself and the purpose for which you wish to cooperate. Then, you won’t be “appeasing” and “accommodating” and all the other negative keywords associated with one-sided relationships.

There will be balance in the give-and-take; you will find people who match your level of awareness; you will begin receiving the same amount of love that you put out; people will begin to respect your talent for collaboration and the values that you uphold. Life becomes a lot different when you seek relationships based on your personal virtues rather than a desperate fear of not being alone.

So master being alone. It’s not the worst thing in the world. And once you find joy in who you are, you will begin to attract the right people into your life.

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