Mars Conjunct Uranus: The Final Straw Will Come…

Photo by Sigurd Decroos from FreeImages

Time is ticking for the next American war. Uranus has been traversing through Taurus for about 2 years now, and tensions are beginning to build up thanks to totalitarian methods being executed in the united States.

People are now starting to feel very anxious, very irritated by not being heard by their government – which, by the way, is supposed to be “by the People, for the People.” Kind of difficult to imagine that the united States government is “for the People” given that the citizens are gradually losing their first amendment right to even protest.

However, if you’ve been paying attention to astrology at all, this shouldn’t surprise you in the slightest. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – sign of authority, boundaries and limitations – last year warned you of authoritarian take over last year. We saw it with the illegal lockdowns, closures of businesses and arrests of innocent united States citizens all last year. Meanwhile crime has spiked in all major cities across the country. The involvement of Pluto also represented betrayal from our authority figures. We see how blatantly politicians have betrayed one another in recent events…

But still the people have faith things will return to normal. People are still getting emotional about cycles that are already set in motion, planned from decades ago. People are still looking up to the same politicians who tripped them into dog shit for assistance. Talk about lost!

Change Your Values Now People!

Mars is about taking action. After all, it is represented by the Roman god of war himself. Bloodshed, violence, and forcing his way are typical. Oddly enough, though, Mars was also the patron god of agriculture and farmers, as he also represented male fertility (aka seeds). Thus, as he was the god of destruction and peril, Mars also represented what grew out of the settling dust, very similar to Pluto.

What will we see arise from the ashes of this conflict today? That is completely up to us!

The titan Uranus is not very kind in Roman mythology either. Uranus was Father Sky, wedded to his Mother-Consort Gaea, Mother Earth. Uranus had several children with Gaea; however every time she bore her children, he would hide them in secret caves – basically placing them back in the womb! Needless to say, Gaea was not pleased…

This caused Gaea to create a powerful weapon that basically emasculated Uranus forever – an adamantine sickle. She pleaded to her children for someone to take up this weapon and take care of Uranus, so he could do no more evil against her. And lucky for the gods, Saturn (aka Father Time, Chronos, Death) took on the mantle and castrated his father Uranus, forever changing the power structure of Roman mythology.

Soon, though, this same story would happen to Saturn, but that’s a story for another time.

Mars-Uranus Conjunction on January 20th

The point is that neither of these planets are very amicable, and come January 20th (which just so happens to be Inauguration Day in the united States) they will join in the conversation shouting from the same podium. Shit will hit the fan very hard.

However, as long as people are lost, as long as people seek outside themselves for the answers they need, they will depend on, expect good from, and be disappointed by those in power. Only when the masses learn of their own power can they truly cooperate and band together for a common cause worthy of their time, energy and love.

But for now, let’s sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the shit show that is to come. Apparently that’s what everyone wants.

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