Key Planets for Writers: Jupiter

We return to look at planets and what they signal for us as writers. Last time we looked at Mercury, the ruler of communication. Today we are examining Jupiter, king of the planets.

Where your natal Jupiter is in your horoscope says much about the experience you have. As you read through your sign, consider how you can give of your own experience to your readers. They might find it incredibly useful for themselves, and be willing to pay you handsomely for it.

Jupiter is well known as ruling our beliefs and opinions, general happiness, our faith, and sense of generosity, expansion and growth. However, this gas giant also rules publishing, so it will be helpful to know how this planet could affect your odds of success in that field.

Jupiter also shows how you share your viewpoints, which is important if your work is being posted on the internet. Think of it as the well of experience you have in life to teach to others. Depending on which sign your Jupiter is in (along with other astrological influences), these tendencies are expressed differently. Check out which sign your Jupiter is in then look below to see its meaning.

Jupiter in Aries

You are likely a bulldozer when sharing your opinions because you tend to only really care about your own beliefs. When you talk to others, you get so caught up in waiting for your turn that the other person sounds like an adult from the Peanuts cartoon. Therefore, since your opinions matter so much, you need to make sure you are well informed so you know what you are talking about.

Jupiter in Taurus

You are pretty set in your beliefs and opinions and do not find it easy to change them. You like to indulge in pleasures, sometimes too much, although you can also be generous with your resources and money. You may also have broad tastes in beauty and music. People would love to hear about your wild partying adventures, budget-breaking shopping sprees, or favorite homemade recipes.

Jupiter in Gemini

You love to talk so much.  You tend to be overly perceptive, and get easily distracted by even the most banal things. You are scatterbrained but observant, and while people may think you aren’t paying much attention, you are gathering enormous amounts of information about your environment. What you really need is an objective for collecting that information so you can take advantage of that skill. Then you will have much to say… about everything.

Jupiter in Cancer

Your emotional nature is expanded and you are a very compassionate, nurturing person. Your potential for personal growth is amazing and from your own self-development springs forth a great ability to care for and nurture inner growth in others. Sharing your tips on self-help may be very profitable. You have a vast creative and imaginative side that you can utilize to help people around you grow.

Jupiter in Leo

You shine bright like a star and your rays shed a warm and inspiring light on everyone lucky enough to meet you. Your growth lies in your proud self-expression and creative side. You are probably very generous, never expecting anything in return. Others can benefit from your creative influence as you tend to exude a royal aura wherever you go. You can be a bit too proud of your own views, though. Profit by sharing with others how they can access their inner royalty.

Jupiter in Virgo

For you the small details that everyone else misses seem glaring. You have a compassionate nature tied to serving others. Writing about civil servants, employee rights, and the working class will show off your sensitivity for the average worker. Alternatively, you may be interested in medicine, whether traditional, alternative, holistic, or homeopathic, so you may find an audience for that topic as well.

Jupiter in Libra

Your finer tastes are expanded and you tend to be very fair when talking about beliefs and opinions. You like to debate but you avoid name calling or fighting. Your sense of justice is well developed and you would do well as a judge. You are probably doting and generous with your partner and shower him/her with affection. You do well in business as your sense of give and take is very evolved and balanced. People may be interested in your advice on balancing interpersonal relationships, legal issues and business.

Jupiter in Scorpio

You enjoy digging deep into sciences and metaphysical topics. You like to expand the scope of research, bringing in several insights and losing yourself in the mysteries. If you are not already a scientist bound to legal secrecy, blogging about your findings or the journey of validating your hypotheses may be quite entertaining. You may also be interested in esoteric and occult knowledge, becoming a savant in those fields. Share the intellectual wealth with positive intentions and reap your rewards.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

You tend to be very excited about life. You are optimistic, joyful and very generous. People love being around your electric personality and learn much from your occasional wisdom. Your ability to see the opportunity in any situation and stay positive could help tons of other people, meaning you’ll attract a large readership. You could also become a religious or spiritual leader, which has its own prolific audience.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Your sense of expansion always seems to be capped at some limit, but that does not stop you from trying. You are very resourceful, having had to circumnavigate your own batch of limitations in life. Chances are you learn extremely quickly from your experiences since your memory is fantastic. Because of this, you are likely wise way beyond your years. A book of memoirs or even the plethora of experiences and philosophies you have meticulously gathered through life could be very insightful for others – and profitable for you.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Your intellectual nature is marked with compassion and generosity. You want to do much for humanity to see it progress. Fighting for human rights is second nature and you can see the wider picture that others cannot. Your sense of fairness encompasses the entirety of the human family. If you can put your humanitarian beliefs on paper, you could inspire others to work together in the name of progress.

Jupiter in Pisces

You have a highly sensitive nature that leaves you in a deep state of empathy for those less fortunate. Your selfless compassion compels you to serve others out of sheer love for humanity. You might have quite a few different beliefs that influence your behavior, but once you settle your emotions you will find your purpose in life is selfless acts of mercy and unconditional service. Share that love with your audience, and they will serve you.

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