Moon in the Second House

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Natal Moon in the second house of the chart indicates a person whose emotions are tied to their possessions. Similar to Taurus, the second house is about the values we acquire from our family, wealth, material belongings, and the throat. It is a very personal house, and so the Moon’s operation here can be strong.

These people are likely to emotionally spend money, especially when their emotions are out of balance. Instead, it would be better to only buy things that are aligned with their own values. Then the finances will be in order.

The house ruled by Cancer is the main pusher of one’s desire and luck in obtaining wealth. It is likely to be something the native manifests for him/herself – although aspects to the eighth house ruler may indicate inheritances. If the second house ruler is has many aspects (hard or soft), then the mother plays a strong role in this person’s values and financial situation.

Moon may feel insecure about resources here, wishing they had the wealth or possessions of others. Alternatively, this placement suggests someone who is insecure about letting go of money. Don’t be surprised if these people do not give as much as they receive in gifts. When they are free of economic issues, though, they tend to give back in creative ways.

Another concern of these natives is the demands others make on them. Natives with Moon in the second house can be pretty suspicious of favors and free lunches. They always want to make sure they are not taken advantage of in the relationship. As such, they tend to really only discuss their finances with their closest confidants.

The family is also of concern here, as Moon rules the mother figure, the home, and the past. Natives with Moon in the second house have to be careful of overthinking their self worth. Often they may compare their own possessions and values to other people’s. It’s not entirely their fault – the Moon craves emotional security, and the natal sign of the Moon explains how.

When comfortable, these natives can translate their creativity into something profitable. They tend to shine if they really enjoy their occupation, especially a public career. However they may also be afraid to take risks, even when they are capable. The emotional nature needs assurance that the plan will work out. They can share their authentic truth when they can release their worry and support their friends and family.

Natives with Moon in the second house must also be aware of shortchanging themselves for family. This plays out as a child who always tries to repair family ties instead of pursuing their own career or vocation. Such a placement would be even more powerful if the Midheaven or IC/Nadir is strongly aspected.

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