Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries pushes people to be pretty selfish in the relationships they form. This goes for friendships, marriages and business relations.

Aries is the sign of the self, the individual. This energy typically manifests as “me first, you later” in these natives’ interactions. Libra is at the opposite end of the zodiac, showing the Aries how to share. Libra is also ruled by Venus and its opposition to Aries should highlight the trouble with this placement – Venus experiences its detriment in Aries.

Venus loves keeping in contact with people. She appreciates a buzzing social life and many friends around her who can share in the pleasurable moments of life. She wants to share her resources with others and provide entertainment. Venus also represents our ability to share emotionally with other people. Finally she represents the desires and satisfaction we feel in life.

Venus in Aries may pose problems for natives. These people are somehow raised to value their own desires quite highly. They tend to lack charm, or rather they switch it on or off depending on if they like the individual. They tend to act friendly long enough to get what they need, and then discard the relationship afterwards. Relationships to them are more like sudden, fiery flings than actual connections. It can be hard for them to form lasting bonds with people.

The Aries energy flows through Venus, bestowing a desirous nature. To compare, when Mars and Venus aspect each other in a natal chart, the native is usually very driven to satisfy their sensational desires. We’re talking about a combination of the cosmic lovers here. Venus in Aries natives have a lot to learn about self-control, patience in achieving their goals, and learning to take their time. They tend to lose interest quickly if too much time passes before they get their fix.

When such a person doesn’t get the satisfaction desired, the native can turn apathetic. He or she may pursue points of passion, only to find out that the chase wasn’t worth the dopamine hit afterwards. Sometimes they have so much passion that they burn out before even accomplishing their goal.

These natives can be ruthless in getting what they want if their desire is strong enough. Instead of fighting and competing with raw strength however, these natives use the smooth tact from Venus to win over opponents. Unfortunately, the innately honest nature of Aries prevents the Venusian charm from appealing to others’ fantasies. Therefore people can easily feel manipulated and taken advantage of by these people.


Being in a relationship with someone with Venus in Aries is tough as they focus mainly on themselves. They find it difficult to be romantic, and any romantic gesture will be self-motivated and probably exclusive to the native’s original view of romance. Not because they are vain, or because they think they are better; Aries just has a way of turning the energies of planets that pass through inward towards the self. As much as Venus in the other signs is outgoing and social, Venus in Aries is typically okay with having only a few close connections to handle their handful of social needs.

It really depends on their level of interest. One minute they may really desire a particular thing, expressing a lot of excitement; the next minute, they have lost all passion for it. The partner of someone with Venus in Aries has to modify their own desires to match, while also reminding the Venus in Aries person that some consistency in the relationship would be great.

This can also lead to trouble in the bedroom. Venus in Aries gets theirs, and they don’t really care if you got yours. Even in casual dating, the other person can feel confused after a hot evening when suddenly the Arian Venus goes cold turkey to pursue the next fling. Although it is not “quantity over quality” in their heads per se, the rush from the next impulsive desire can be difficult to ignore.


Venus in Aries can suggest someone who impulsively spends their money. This mostly depends on where your natal Venus lies in the chart and aspects to it. For the most part, people with Venus in Aries are go-getters who are strongly driven to satisfy their desires. If they can channel that energy into a positive venture or business idea, their passion can boosts their finances.

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