Mercury Retrograde: Do’s and Don’ts

If you type “Mercury Retrograde” into your favorite search engine, every astrologer acts like the end of the world has arrived. Granted, this astronomical phenomenon does actually signal some communication hiccups. However, there are actually some activities that benefit from Mercury retrograde.

To clarify, when we say planets are going retrograde (also noted as Rx), they appear to be moving backwards in the sky. Of course they are not actually moving backwards in space; it just appears that way from our perspective here on Earth. Astrologers tend to view this as the planet’s associated meanings experiencing some minor setbacks. With Mercury retrograde, letters, emails, business discussions, travels, our thinking, and all conversations may possibly be affected. However, as we’ll see, this is also the perfect time to review and revise.

Do: Take Time to Sort Your Thoughts

You may be prone to make rash decisions during a Mercury Rx period as you fail to think through all the steps. This can lead to regret later, so be patient and take your time to sort out your thoughts. Make sure you understand your mental place before making any big decisions.

Don’t: Expect to Be Understood the First Time

Whether you are talking to your spouse or business partner, writing a quick email, sending a letter, or anything that involves other people thinking and processing what you tell them, don’t expect to be understood after the first sending. Likely you will not come across as clear as you believe you are. And that’s okay, because you will probably mutter a few “Huh”s during Mercury Rx as well. Just be ready to repeat yourself or be misunderstood.

Do: Review All Contracts and Deals (And DON’T Sign Until Then)

While generally you don’t want to close on any deals or sign any contracts during a Mercury Rx, it does make for the perfect time to look over everything (especially the fine print) to make sure you truly understand what you’re getting yourself into. With Mercury moving backwards, this can be seen as the planet reviewing the path it has already walked weeks before. Similarly, we can also take this time to slow down and observe the goings-on around us. Wait until the retrograde period is over before making any final decisions, though.

Don’t: Pick This Time for Travelling

Now you may be wondering why you shouldn’t travel during Mercury Rx seeing as long distance travel is related to Jupiter. But whatever company you bought your ticket from could easily have communication hang ups internally, and suddenly you’re stuck for twelve hours at an airport because something on your ticket is off. Also, make sure you are travelling for a sensible reason and that you have done your research on your destination.

Do: Write About Past Progress

With Mercury moving backward, it is treading ground it has previously covered. This occurs with every retrograde planet and is known as the shadow period. Think of it as going over recent events. You can comply with this energy by thinking about how recent events in your life have been unfolding. Examine events as they are and notice how your thinking about them. Jot these thoughts and feelings down and you may be surprised by what you have written.

Don’t: Begin Any New Projects

White it could be profitable to analyze the past, constructing the future during this time may not be as successful. Avoid beginning any new projects or trying to make big plans with your friends. Invariably something will just not work out and it will only leave you discouraged.


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