Venus in Taurus

Venus, the planet of beauty, grace and money rests very easy in Taurus, an earthy and fixed sign.

These natives are likely to earn money by their own hard work. They tend to be persistent and can achieve long term goals. This placement can also indicate earnings via marriage or legacy, though there may be a delay. There is little movement going on here, so these people are not exactly motivated by this placement. In fact, this can be one of their biggest challenges to overcome.

This placement suggests a heavy attachment to material possessions and to resources, to the creature comforts of life, and to luxurious surroundings. Venus’ natural sensuality is enhanced and seeks comfort in every way possible. These natives adore music, art, food, and pleasure moments with loved ones and friends. Although Venus in Libra is also fond of the arts, her taste is more refined and mature in Libra than in simple Taurus.

As Taurus rules the voice and throat, these natives generally have beautiful voices and are well fit as vocalists and singers. They may be artistic, musically-inclined, doodlers, painters, decorators, designers, and anything else concerned with art and beauty. Most likely they have a natural gift like perfect pitch or fantastic color sense that they can use to their advantage, if the chart signifies an artistic career path. They may flourish in the entertainment industry.

Venus in Taurus makes people quite stubborn with their likes, set to particular patterns and beliefs. It can be difficult for them to give up certain possessions, especially if the Moon is in Cancer or Taurus. This can relate to finances as well, as both Venus and Taurus are related to money, banks, and financial systems. They may find it hard to spend resources for things they do not agree with, yet have no problem parting with their hard earned cash when it comes to buying pleasure or fashionable items.

Venus is an earthly planet, so the sense of touch is crucial in relationships. These natives always need touch and sensuality from their partner, whether the relationship is serious or not. Speaking of partners, Venus in Taurus feels sad and unwanted when she is not part of the group or when she is alone for too long. They want a stable partner as they are loyal themselves. Their emotions are stable and they have deep feelings that last for a long time.

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