Venus in Gemini

Venus is the planet of beauty, grace, emotional relating, and finances. Gemini, an airy and mutable sign, signifies communication, information, sharing, siblings, and pairs. Together, these two energies can produce mixed results.

Venus does well in Gemini, acting as the hostess with the mostest. Usually intimate and loving, Venus in Gemini is quite shallow and emotionally distant. These natives enjoy hopping around a room, communicating with everyone and gathering all sorts of gossip and information; alas, in one-on-one encounters these people fail to develop a deep emotional connection and often default to general gossip.

It’s not that they are incapable of intimacy, and in fact they would enjoy their marriage partner more if he or she is a skilled and varied communicator. But the sign of the Twins is purely intellectual, purely mental-focused, and people with Venus in Gemini find it tough to translate the subtleties of their emotions. In essence, it is the one bit of information that they cannot handle.

Venus in Gemini native avoid talking about feelings every chance they get. To accomplish this, they date around, they hop from patron to patron, they attempt to appear young and beautiful for as long as possible to hang on to the childish privilege of irresponsibility. As such, people with Venus in Gemini tend to date around and avoid getting serious until later in life. Even in a marriage, these natives should watch their flirtatious behavior and avoid getting into any entanglements outside the marriage.

These natives may also have many loving friends and a wide social circle. However, they are not likely to have a deep emotional connection to the majority of those friends. Venus in Gemini natives make up for this with humor, playfulness, and a youthful vigor that rejuvenates the spirit of the people in their environment.

These natives should develop a amiable relationships with their siblings if Mercury is well aspected. In some cases, this placement can indicate a clandestine affair with a relative.

Business ideas are likely to be creative, idealistic, and original. These natives are adept at socializing and recruiting through the use of their words. If the natal Mercury is well aspected or in an auspicious house, they may profit from traveling and communication careers. Income may come from various sources. They could do well as bankers, financiers, or financial advisors. As Gemini also represents education, these natives do better if they gain specialized knowledge.

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