Venus in Cancer

Venus, planet of beauty, grace, social interactions and finances, finds her way in Cancer, sign of the home, the mother, nurturing, love, and family. This makes for a very sweet, loving combination.

Venus in Cancer natives are some of the most sweet-spoken, kind-hearted, merciful people in the world. They have a tendency to see the best in everyone and spread their love to everyone they meet. To close family members and friends, these people have no problem spending money to make sure that their loved ones are taken care of, physically and especially emotionally.

Cancer is the sign of protection, and these people protect with their wallets and emotions. They have very deep emotions for the people they care about. This can translate into being a mother to everyone, which can lead into smothering and overprotectiveness.

Their sympathetic nature can lead them into trouble with love affairs, as Cancer loves to have secrets. If the Moon is poorly aspected, it can also indicate difficulty in marriage, like unforeseen financial obstacles or trouble with the parents, particularly the mother. These natives also tend to be friends with unpopular people, some whom they have no business communicating with.

Alternatively, this placement can mean the native has an attachment to their mother, especially if the chart is of a female. In a male’s chart, it is indicative that the spouse will be a great mother figure to the children, or lacking children, to the male. Although any mommy issues would depend on the rest of the chart, they generally may prefer their partners to be motherly and nurturing.

These natives have a love of domestic affairs and enjoy decorating the home. The decorating or remodeling business can be very lucrative for them. Real estate is another beneficial career. Because Cancer also rules water, Venus in Cancer natives might find a suitable career dealing with water in some manner.

This placement also enhances the imaginative and creative aspects of these natives. They may find great profit and freedom of expression in painting, sketching, poetry, songwriting, graphic design, and other creative vocations. If the Moon is well-aspected and well-placed in the natal chart, their earning potential is increased.

Venus endows a curiosity of the occult. Venus in Cancer natives may venture into occult and mystical practices. Their deep emotions may be a sign of spiritual talents like telepathy or mediumship.

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