Venus in Leo

Venus, planet of beauty, grace, social interactions and finances, wades into Leo, sign of kings and queens, of passion, individualization, and children. Together, Venus in Leo makes for a lover of fun and adventure.

When Venus finds herself in Leo, she has to succumb to the passion of the fire sign. Leo loves to have fun, being the sign of the Sun. Leo Sun natives are creative, expressive, and enjoy being the center of attention. With Venus here, these people seek fun relationships and enjoy being the go-to person in their neighborhood that people come to for pleasure.

Leo is also a sign of kingliness and magnanimity. These natives tend to be very generous, graceful in public, and are quite charitable. They love to have a great time and share pleasant moments with the people around them. Leo deals in generalities, so these natives may give often to anyone, strangers or friend alike, who is less fortunate than themselves.

They may also be fond of gambling, investing, and speculation. If they can learn practical strategies for investing, they could potentially profit big time.

Venus in Leo signifies stability and loyalty in emotions. They are not prone to loyalty in relationships however, as Leo is the sign of sexual fulfillment as well. This placement tends to make for promiscuous men and women. They can be fantastic friends, but are hard to pin down for marriage in their younger and more fruitful years. If you end up dating a Venus in Leo native, expect them to be addicted to seeking fun and adventurous times.

Venus in Leo natives especially love children, as Leo also rules progeny. They are likely to shower their own children with affection, provided Venus is not afflicted in their chart. If they do not have children themselves, they will likely make an effort to brighten some child’s day. They can hold a profession that oversees children like being a nanny or daycare worker.

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