Venus in Virgo

Venus, the planet of beauty, grace, socialization and finances, in Virgo, sign of facts, analysis, health, diet and service. Venus is in fall in Virgo, and so its expression is weakened.

Venus does relatively well in earth signs, considering its rulership of Taurus. However, it excels in Taurus because of Taurus’ fixed modality. The material aspect of Taurus gives Venus the actual pleasure she desires, thus she can get lazy and lay back while chewing grapes and watching television.

In Virgo, Venus is less ambitious due to Virgo’s mutable modality. Emotions and social interactions do not excel when facts and analysis are included. Social interactions go better when Venus is free to imagine the infinite directions that the conversation can go. But when the emotional nature is tied to analysis, criticism and rumination, Venus tends to go quiet. The sympathetic nature is stultified behind the copious amounts of details the Virgo notices and Venus cannot ignore them as she can in other signs.

Therefore, natives with Venus in Virgo tend to have difficulty in their dating life because they are too particular about their partners. Although they surely should not entertain every prospect, they can overlook good potential mates for a small pet peeve that they simply cannot get past. This placement can signify someone who has better luck dating their employees, servants, or someone with a career in the military, health or civil service.

As Venus represents finances, this placement can suggest profit from one’s employees and servants. These natives tend to treat these people with kindness and fairness, which could possibly lead to the aforementioned dating. Venus in Virgo natives can also profit from medicine, pharmaceuticals, health services, civil service, the food industry, and gardening.

As far as diet goes, these natives are particular about what they put into their body. They may be great chefs who can be creative in the kitchen. They may also be dieticians who study and analyze the most effective and healing foods for the human body.

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