Venus in Libra

Venus, the planet of beauty, grace, social interaction and finances, in Libra, sign of intimate relationships, business, the fine arts, and marriage. Venus rules Libra and does very well in its second home.

Under the rug, Venus is an airy planet because it rules social interactions; the element of emotions is what grounds the planet’s energy. In Libra, Venus is able to combine both of these elements, which are usually at odds, and refine them into something higher echelon than she can in Taurus. Whereas Venus in Taurus represents a young, bright female enjoying the fruits of her youth, Venus in Libra is the married woman who has refined tastes, is amicable, friendly, and who understands that the relationships in her life are important.

As such, people with Venus in Libra in the natal chart tend to be sympathetic, kind, fair, and balanced in their interactions with other people. Their emotions are refined; they have a fondness for luxurious items and surroundings; they can be very artistically talented; they prefer fine arts and fine music; they prefer culturally refined events and celebrations. For these people, the simple pleasures in life will not cut it. They tend to have friends in high circles, usually artists, musicians, philosophers, politicians and the like.

People with Venus in Libra need peaceful surroundings to feel physically and emotionally secure. If they are in hectic environments or relationships, they cannot function at their highest level. For this reason, they do their best to accommodate or appease their partners and close friends, as they do not feel comfortable with disunity or tension. Therefore, these people can sometimes do things they would rather not do, just to keep the peace in their relationships.

When they try to accommodate everyone, Venus in Libra natives can easily seem to be fake or fickle to other people. They can sometimes agree to things on the surface, only to later ghost or exit out of a situation they had no intention of getting into in the first place. These natives can conquer this behavior by only selecting to interact with people who are worth their energy and peace. That way, they can ensure that their balanced and fair energies are executed in the right relationships.

If these natives decide to go into business, their acute sense of balance and fairness can potentially earn them a lot of money. They can become relationship advisors, philosophers, lawyers, artists, musicians, museum and gallery tour guides, event planners, professional decorators and hosts/hostesses. These careers highlight the balancing act of this placement extremely well.

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