Venus in Scorpio

Venus, planet of beauty, grace, social interactions and finance, in Scorpio, sign of the subconscious, emotional depth, transformation, and the occult. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio and finds it hard to express its energies positively.

People with Venus in Scorpio in the natal chart are subject to many emotional desires and urges that spring up. They tend to have financial trouble if they cannot control their expenditures. These natives love luxurious things. Similar to Venus in Taurus, they form bonds with their belongings.

Since Scorpio is related to the eighth house, Venus here can signify attachments to other’s possessions as well. Inheritance, gains through marriage, and gain through gifts and legacy are some boons to this placement.

Venus in Scorpio can signal a lascivious individual if unpartnered; a fiercely loyal partner if in a relationship. These natives are magnets to the opposite sex and cannot help the numerous amounts of offers they receive. In committed relationships, they may be controlling, possessive, obsessive, jealous and manipulative. This can be curbed if they learn to get as absorbed into their own lives.

They have trouble finding a suitable partner early in life because they have to learn the hard way who to associate with and who to avoid. Scorpio rules darkness and the occult, so they may have many friends who specialize in metaphysical fields. However, they may equally be involved with people on the wrong side of the law, damaging their reputation and chances in life. It is important that these natives avoid criminals and abusive people, but it also seems as if they attract these people into their lives.

If used properly, this can indicate gain from occult practices such as astrology, tarot, mediumship, detective work, surgery, herbalism, medicine, science and topics in general that require deep study and focus.

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