The Lunar Mansions – Nakshatras 15-21

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(Based on sidereal astrology and notes from Alexandre Volguine’s Lunar Astrology)

The lunar mansions (aka nakshatras) mark the journey of the Moon along its path on the ecliptic. This post covers the lunar mansions 15 through 21. If you missed the first post explaining what the lunar mansions are and their significance in the natal chart, check it out here.

Mansion XV – 0° to 12°51’26” Libra

-ruled by Rahu (North Node)

  • Occidental: Algaphia, Algalia; success in hunts for springs and treasures;
  • Arabic: Al Ghair, “the Lid”; considered unfavorable in every way, especially for familial and other relationships, except for discovery of hostile schemes and treasure hunts; marriage woes in women’s charts
  • Chinese: Fang, “the Chamber”; encourages achievement of high position or great wealth, especially in old age
  • Hindu: Swati, “the Sword”; indicates the native will give more than he receives, modest but often irasible, fair, sociable, and having a developed business sense
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Sia, “He Who Sustains”; unfavorable but protects those who are in misfortune and distress

Mansion XVI – 12°51’27” to 25°42’52” Libra

-ruled by Jupiter

  • Occidental: Alcibene, Aiabene; signals danger for the reputation and station in life coming from a vindictive and jealous person
  • Arabic: Al Jubana, Al Zuban, Al Janubiyyah, “the Claws of the Scorpion”; confers the power of protecting one’s self through observation and clear judgment; favorable for livestock-breeding, buying and selling of cattle, and speculation; unfavorable for business, marriage, and journeys
  • Chinese: Hsin, “the Heart”; gives sociability and amiability but causes disagreements and quarrels in the family
  • Hindu: Visakha, “the Norther Crown”; promotes intelligence and good judgment in the handling of money; thouguhtless commitments; pleasant appearance
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Aiah, “Rescue”; does not promise a healthy life but it is always possible to evade the blows of fate; increases free will

Mansion XVII – 25°42’53” Libra to 8°34’18” Scorpio

-ruled by Saturn

  • Occidental: Archil; makes the native lucky; indicates lasting buildings; favorable for travel and friendships
  • Arabic: Iktil Al Jabbah, “the Dome of the Head”; favorable for marriage; enables the native to achieve a responsible position
  • Chinese: Wei, “the Dragon’s Tail”; threatens slander against the native throughout life, warns that a greater part of the native’s action will be severely criticized by persons in his circle
  • Hindu: Anurada; considered the sign of numerous opportunities in life; encourages a life and travel far from the place of birth; indicates the native will rarely be satisfied with the place of residence; vanity
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Piah, “the Eulogies”; sign of success in occupations and acquisition of a good position

Mansion XVIII – 8°34’19” to 21°25’44” Scorpio

-ruled by Mercury

  • Occidental: Alchalb, Arcalo, Alchas; causes discord, sedition and conspiracy against princes and potentates
  • Arabic: Al Calb, “Heart of the Constellation Scorpio”; exerts an especially favorable influence for exposing enemies and in times of war; unfavorable from all other aspects, especially for family; threatens premature death for the mother (often in labor)
  • Chinese: Chi, “the Basket”; native never receives the rewards they should; creates danger of reversal of situation, most often in shameful circumstances
  • Hindu: Jyeshta, “the Eldest”; indicates an overly self-satisfied man without the talent for making friends; for women, inclination to marry an older man
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Tsiah, “Justice”; symbolizes above all the idea of reward and punishment

Mansion XIX – 21°25’45” Scorpio to 4°17’10” Sagittarius

-ruled by Ketu (South Node)

  • Occidental: Azarala, Exaula; it is preferable to undertake nothing at this time
  • Arabic: Al Shaulah, “the Scorpion’s Sting”; favorable for hunting and personal ideas; unfavorable for commerce and fixity of residence
  • Chinese: Tou, “the Ladle”; favors those who work for others rather than employers and self-employed persons; good omen for earning towards the end of life
  • Hindu: Mula, “the Root”; sign of a proud man, moderately happy and in fear of the future, but attached to his comfort and ease
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Quiah, “Severity”; unfavorable for friendships and children and provoking separation of the native from his children or from his parents

Mansion XX – 4°17’11” to 17°8’36” Sagittarius

-ruled by Venus

  • Occidental: Nahaim, Abnahaya, “the Beam”; promotes eloquence and writings; good for taming wild animals and for protecting prisons; destroys community wealth
  • Arabic: Al Ras-Al Thuban: “Dragon’s Head”; promotes love and success in life as much through individual merit as through a woman or women; usually the woman will seek authority in the household; indicates involuntary changes of residence; favors constructions
  • Chinese: Niu, “the Cow”; promotes trade with risk of loss; promises improvement in fortune by inheritance or gift; may indicate weakness of the eyes
  • Hindu: Purva Ashada, “the Front of the Victor”; marks beginning of ancient Indian zodiac; makes native faithful in love, proud, ambitious, vain, fond of pageantry, yet simple
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Aiah, “the Leader”; the cause of many changes in life; promises a responsible position and often bestows a more prominent one

Mansion XXI – 17°8’37” Sagittarius to 0° Capricorn

-ruled by Sun

  • Occidental: Albelda, Abeda, “the Desert”; favorable for breaking close bonds
  • Arabic: Caidat; makes the native improudent, susceptible and flighty; promotes travel and earnings; hastens and stimulates healing and recovery after illness
  • Chinese: Mo, “the Woman”; vacillating luck, love of children, loyalty in business
  • Hindu: Uttara Shadha, “the Back of the Victor”; considered the image of a gracious, elegant, well-mannered man; impulsive but obedient; especially favors military men; attributed to hunting instincts and sexual excess
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Schiah, “the Deliverer”; favorable for philanthropy and finances

In a reading

The lunar mansions can be included in a natal chart reading if you would like deeper insight into the activities of a particular planet. As you can see, most of the lunar mansions actually reflect a bit of the zodiacal meanings as well. For example, it’s interesting that the first lunar mansion is slightly descriptive of Aries in general: “need for movement”, “Commander of the Asterisms”, “mark of authority” and “day-to-day quarrels”.

Check out which of your own natal planets fall within these first seven lunar mansions. Do these additional insights resonate with you?

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