Venus in Sagittarius

Venus, the planet of beauty, grace, social interaction and finances, in Sagittarius, sign of higher education, philosophy, law, spirituality, and foreign cultures. This is a sign that Venus loves to be in, considering her benefic relationship with its ruler Jupiter.

Venus here suggests the native is excited to explore life and to see everything it has to offer. They are quite buoyant and enjoy a good party. They are fond of romance, though their tastes can fluctuate quickly. They are kind-hearted, compassionate, philanthropic, and generous. They may have several interests at once, and the very next day those interests may change. Sagittarius’ mutable nature gives them a wide net to cast over the experiences they want to desire.

Venus in Sagittarius can suggest a tendency to overindulge. They may especially indulge in sweet treats, so care must be taken to limit the intake of these foods. Otherwise they can easily gain weight and find it difficult to practice healthy habits in life. These natives can also have a problem with alcohol and drugs, given the Piscean nature of Jupiter. However, this is seen more when they are partying with other people; Sagittarians are generally well-disciplined on their own.

Their friends are usually of a foreign culture or nation, or of high social standing. They are likely to marry outside of their culture. Truly, people with Venus in Sagittarius are attractive to the opposite sex. Coupled with their variable interests, these natives may possibly have more than one partner at a time.

People with Venus in Sagittarius in their natal chart are fond of long distance voyages and foreign cultures. They love to study foreign language, religions, and social structures. They also have a strong sense of justice and fairness under the law. These natives make for great language teachers, diplomats, lawyers, ambassadors, and travel agents.

Venus in Sagittarius natives work well as mediators in a heated conversation. They have a love of debate and discussion about philosophy, religion and education. They can potentially profit from proselytizing or preaching, being professors, or getting involved in the spiritual/metaphysical realm. These natives can also gain from marrying one of the above professionals.

These natives also love sports and competition, given the nature of Sagittarius. They enjoy watching a good fight, and – if the rest of the chart supports it – they can gain much from speculation and gambling.

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