Venus in Aquarius

Venus, planet of beauty, grace, social interaction and finances, in Aquarius, sign of intellect and genius, humanity as a whole, and invention. In this airy sign, Venus finds herself spread far and wide with little emotional attachments.

Venus is uniquely comfortable in both earth and air signs since she rules over social interactions. In earth signs, the sensual and emotional aspects of Venus are blended well into material and physical gains; in the air signs, Venus seeks more of an understanding with the people around her, and emotions are less a part of the picture.

This goes for natal Venus in Aquarius as well. We saw how Venus in Gemini was friendly and the hostess-with-the-mostest; in Libra she was the amicable, friendly marriage partner; in Aquarius, Venus loves community and gatherings with like-minded individuals. Natives with Venus in Aquarius are fond of adventure, mental stimulation, genius and intelligent acquaintances, and partying. They easily make friends with all walks of life.

Since Venus is a planet of materialization, and Aquarius is loosely related to the eleventh house, this placement can also indicate people whose (realistic) hopes and dreams may be realized.

Aquarius is the sign of the general population, so Venus’ energy can be spread thin here. She may have quite the difficulty relating to other people emotionally, instead keeping friends at arm’s length to avoid intimacy. In a personal relationship they can resort to lighthearted humor to keep the conversation flowing, although their partner may feel the subject was completely swept under the rug.

However, this also means that those with Venus in Aquarius can melt into any group of people. These natives have great earning potential in groups, organizations, and public enterprises. They can also benefit financially from the corporations they work for. They operate best in environments where they can network and connect members of a group effectively.

Venus in Aquarius indicates one who experiences many sudden upsets in their dating life, sometimes events that are out of their hands completely. They can also experience some delays in marriage until they decide to take dating seriously.

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