Venus in Capricorn

Venus, planet of beauty, grace, social interaction and finances, in Capricorn, the sign of ambition, accomplishment, labor, struggle, and discipline. How well does the princess of beauty fair in the domain of Cronos?

Venus is an earthy planet, so it meshes well when placed in Capricorn. Much of Venus’ characteristics in Taurus carry over; these natives tend to work hard to achieve their goals. Whereas Taurus is more laid-back (and Virgo is more analytical), Capricorn is more action-oriented. Hence, these people tend to see social interactions as opportunities to be taken.

Quite often these people find themselves in positions of authority and in the financial district. Careers like banking, investing, stocks, managers, and business executives are suitable for Venus in Capricorn. Typically these people hang around the accomplished, high status population. Their friendships with this crowd tend to give them financial benefits through career networks.

In dating, Venus in Capricorn can turn potential mates into goals and challenges or as obstacles to be overcome. People with natal Venus in Capricorn usually turn out as a Casanova or have a hard time dating until their later years. As stated earlier, they tend to view social interactions as opportunities, and this includes dating and marriage life. It is not uncommon for a native with Venus in Capricorn to marry strictly for status or other reasons. Capricorn suggests a delay in marriage due to finances or the parents.

Capricorn increases the passionate nature of Venus, making it harder for her to ignore her desires. She tends to date intentionally, sometimes planning her attacks ahead of time. This placement of Venus turns women into divas, seductresses, man-eaters and can manifest the same way in a man’s chart. These people also have great potential for long term relationships, although Capricorn ensures that love is not the object that brings the two together. There is always a practical matter behind the relationship. They or their partner may be much older and more experienced as suggested by Capricorn.

Finally people with their natal Venus in Capricorn are very wary of their public appearance. Capricorn is related to the tenth house and therefore these natives care about how their partners make them look. Business people need to be mindful of the financial and love affairs they partake in.

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