Darakaraka – Vedic Astrology’s Indicator of Spouse

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and I was flipping through my notebook, thinking of what to add onto the growing knowledge of sidereal astrology on the site. What a better way to dive deeper into sidereal astrology than to look for the indicator of the spouse in the natal chart, known as Darakaraka. This technique comes to us from Vedic tradition.

In Vedic astrology, ‘karaka’ means “to do or make,” “that which makes or causes an event.” These planets establish results in the life of a native, encouraging or “allowing” for outcomes. In Vedic astrology, there are two types of karakas – Naisargik karaka and Chara karaka.

Naisargik karaka is different in that the planetary karakas are fixed for every chart; with Chara karaka the role of each karaka is more dynamic and depends soley on zodiacal degrees. There are a total of seven Chara karakas, of which Darakaraka is only one.

So what is Darakaraka in Vedic astrology?

Darakaraka is the planet holding the lowest degree out of all planets (Sun through Saturn) in the natal chart.

Studying the Darakaraka can explain your ideal spouse’s personality traits. You may even find that the planet that signifies your Darakaraka is strong in your partner’s horoscope as well.

Darakaraka planet is specific to each individual.

Knowing what apsects are made to your Darakaraka can help to explain your preferences in relationships, as well as detail any difficulties you may have with finding a suitable partner.

It doesn’t matter your sun sign or ascendant signs; your Darakaraka speaks of the partner you would effectively pair with. The house and sign your Darakaraka is placed shows the kind of person your spouse is and what kind of fulfillment you get from them. You can go even further and examine the aspects made to your Darakaraka planet.

Below you can get a small description of your own Darakaraka planet.

Your Darakaraka can lead you to a rewarding relationship.

Sun as Darakaraka

  • partner is steadfast, has stable emotions and high self-respect
  • may hold a high social status or government position
  • wants to follow own path, possesses leaderships qualities, inspirational
  • source of light and provides a steady foundation to support you
  • positive aspects may add value to your spouse’s life; negative aspects suggest the partner has conscious issues associated with the connected planet

Moon as Darakaraka

  • need of a strong emotional bond, being comforted and having your emotional needs met
  • partner is emotionally expressive
  • a nurturing, feminine spouse; a husband who invests much of his resources into the home or family
  • spouse invested in working on the home, home-loving or family-oriented
  • makes partner adaptive but sensitive if emotional needs are not met
  • positive aspects tend to signal wisdom and knowledge; negative aspects signal selfishness and immaturity

Mercury as Darakaraka

  • partner is talkative, friendly and fun-loving
  • emphasis on friendships and exploring mutually enjoyable activities
  • a partner you genuinely enjoy spending time with, whom you can be your true self around
  • spouse may be younger, energetic and enthusiastic
  • can be fickle, shallow, experimental; not great for marriage partner
  • positive aspects, especially from Saturn, can curb the partner’s curiosity outside of marriage

Venus as Darakaraka

  • spouse keeps things peaceful; will teach you how to appreciate life’s comforts; fair-minded
  • you will have a high level of attraction to your partner
  • will value romance and sensuality as well as balance
  • offers sound worldly knowledge (wealth, socializing, purchasing, etc.)

Mars as Darakaraka

  • partner will be driven, capable, a doer
  • you may value someone who takes initiative
  • egotistical, athletic and physically active
  • spouse will be protective and logical; a problem-solver
  • spouse will often take control in relationship
  • negative aspects can show someone who is pugnacious and highly competitive

Jupiter as Darakaraka

  • partner who is philosophical, religious, spiritual, needs to explore his/her beliefs
  • spouse is typically wise and offers advice
  • may benefit financially from marrying the spouse
  • may discuss many branches of knowledge, interest in law
  • may be wealthy or expands your world view
  • spouse’s character may be most admired trait
  • negative aspects may indicate unwise spending habits, overconfidence, or overbearing partner

Saturn as Darakaraka

  • spouse is disciplined, grounded, and very committed
  • partner could be older, but not necessarily
  • may choose a partner for practical reasons, or a rigid criteria
  • longevity in marriage
  • partner may be dutiful, may marry after 30
  • great for long term relationships

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