5 Synastry Aspects for Love (And 5 to Watch Out For)

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It’s becoming more common these days for people to break up and move on to the next one. But what if you could minimalize the effort of dating by using astrology? These are a few synastry aspects to look out for if you are searching for a loving, long term relationship.

Note that no one or two aspects will define a relationship. People always have free will to act how they please. However, synastry aspects do highlight the general themes of a relationship, and from there you can determine whether or not you are willing to put in the effort with that person long-term. If you are curious what your synastry says about your relationship, contact me here.

What is synastry?

A synastry is a comparison of two (or more) charts to analyze the interaction between them. The word comes from the Greek prefix syn meaning “with” and the term astro meaning “stars.”

The inner planets (Sun through Mars) tend to symbolize personal influences; the outer planets (Jupiter and beyond) tend to represent generational influences as they move much slower. That being said, all planets still have the same associations and characteristics as in natal astrology, so we can read them much the same.

Which aspects are best?

While naturally you may think that the conjunction aspect would be beneficial in relationships, it depends on the consciousness of the individual. Conjunctions indicate very intense connections. It could manifest as passion for a shared interest, a common goal for the home, or an agreement on a political or religious point of view. However, sometimes that connection is too intense, and the more passive partner loses him- or herself to the other person. Exercise caution whenever you see a conjunction between two planets, especially personal planets like the Sun and Moon.

Now, let’s get started, shall we?

5 Synastry Aspects for a Loving Relationship

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1. Sun-Moon Sextile or Trine

Most people simply want understanding from their partners and Sun/Moon aspects accomplish that the best. These are very deep and personal connections that can feel like you have known each other since childhood. The Sun person provides comfort; the Moon person offers a place of respite. A sextile suggests great, easy interactions, in all types of relationships. The Moon person is supportive of the Sun, and the Sun finds it easy to be around the Moon. With a trine, these two people feel in perfect harmony with one another. Sun understands Moon’s emotional nature very well; Moon feels completely comfortable with the Sun. The interaction can feel enlivening and buoyant. A conjunction of these planets in synastry is very intense and can lead to emotional dependency on the Sun.

2. Moon-Venus Conjunct, Sextile, and Trine

The Moon and Venus both signify emotions and comfort. In synastry they signal emotional support, as well as external support from friends. The two involved are the neighborhood sweethearts. The sextile and trine suggest ease in emotional relatability, maintenance of peace, compromises, and many friends within the relationship. The conjunction is even more romantic; the two involved are likely to go to many social events, be friendly to others, and have a nurturing and supportive domestic life.

3. Ascendant-Asc/Sun/Moon/Venus Aspects

The ascendant rules the physical body. When it makes a connection to another person’s Sun, Moon, Venus, or ascendant, it suggests a heavy physical attraction. Once the ascendant individual is seen, it’s already too late. The Asc/Sun/Moon/Venus individual might also be very impressed by their partner’s drive and mission in life. However, as our bodies don’t stay fit and beautiful forever, the lust can wear off quickly. This aspect works best if the ascendant individual is very motivated and active in his or her own life. That way the partner can follow their lead.

4. Venus-Mars Conjunction, Sextile and Trine

Everyone wants satisfying sex with their partner, and this combination fulfills that wish. Venus and Mars are the cosmic lovers, and when they contact each other in synastry charts it suggests a mutual passion in the relationship. Venus is about attracting; Mars is about retrieving. This connection indicates a strong and sexual attraction and a wonderful sex life. The atmosphere around these two is fun, romantic, and exciting. The conjunction in particular can be very intense in and out of the bedroom.

5. Venus-Saturn Sextile and Trine

Believe it or not, Saturn is actually a very good planet for long term relationships. It signals stability, loyalty, and a drive to maintain a settled foundation. Venus and Saturn connected in synastry adds stability in marriage and joint finances. This is one of the underrated aspects that two lovers can have. Saturn ensures that both people will be invested in the relationships for the long haul, and Venus’ presence allows it still to be friendly and fun.

Honorable Mention: Mercury-Venus Soft Aspects

Mercury and Venus are both planets of communication. The soft aspects they make together can elevate the communication in a relationship, where both partners feel understood by the other and are eager to hear what the partner has to share. Soft Mercury and Venus aspects allow for easy emotional expression. However, this is only an honorable mention because Mercury is not a romantic planet itself; you would need more than just a Mercury-Venus aspect to fall in love. But it does make for great pillow talk!

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5 Synastry Aspects to Avoid for Love

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Now we get to the tricky part. Not every aspect is loving, romantic or long term relationship material. Sometimes these aspects create a great friendship; sometimes can destroy a preexisting relationship through infidelity. These are some aspects to look out for if you want to avoid squashing your expectations in love.

1. Venus-Mars Square and Opposition

Wait, Venus and Mars are up here twice? Yup. Although the soft aspects and the conjunction can signal a healthy sexual attraction and romantic adventure, the hard aspects are those “lust at first sight” moments, those club bathroom moments, those storage room in the workplace moments. Think John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe (who actually had a Venus-Mars square between them). These are the hot, passionate moments that never become long term relationships. And in the off chance that they do, the relationship does not last long because the attraction is purely animalistic. Fun for a while, but don’t bet on a marriage with this one.

2. Mercury Soft and Hard Aspects

Don’t get me wrong: communication is necessary in any long term partnership. But if you are too friendly with your partner, you might not be communicating your romantic interests as much as you think. This is a typical friendzone aspect that, while being very good for friends and even business partners, does not bode well for emotional relationships. Mercury can talk for days, but trying to get him to talk about his feelings is very awkward indeed. Now trying doing that for years in a committed relationship. One partner is likely to feel an enormous lack of intimacy.

3. Moon-Mars Conjunction, Square and Opposition

A synastry showing a connection between one person’s Moon and the other’s Mars is indicative of a relationship full of drama. This is especially so with the square and opposition. These are the people who constantly argue and fight with no end in sight. Although the softer aspects tend to give the couple excitement and passion to work together, the harder aspects tend towards hostility, insecurity, defensiveness, and constant disagreements. Keep things strictly casual!

4. Most Neptune Aspects

While Neptune can represent a higher-order love, self-sacrifice, servitude, idealism, and romanticism, it also represents veils, illusions, deception, and lies. When one of your planets connects with your partner’s Neptune or vice versa, you tend to overlook red flags or be deceived in some way. Something is missing from the picture and this combination makes you plug your head into the sand. It’s hard to be clear about Neptune synastry aspects and their manifestation in the partnership. While Neptune can help to idealize the partner and create an intriguing sense of mystery, most people want that mystery to be solved at some point in the relationship. Neptune aspects make it last forever, which is not something conducive to a loving, lasting marriage.

5. Mars-Pluto Square and Opposition

Holy cow- STAY AWAY! Mars and Pluto in hard aspects are a terrible combination for love. This suggests a difficult and dangerous relationship filled with drama and ego clashes. There is always a sense of fighting for survival or power with the partner. The Pluto person may resort to passive aggressiveness and manipulation while the Mars person may resort to violence and abuse. This aspect signifies uneven growth in the relationship. It is likely both partners will repeatedly attempt to force the other to change their ways. Only the hard aspects are this dangerous, though; the conjunction, sextile and trine of Mars-Pluto in synastry is one of the most transformative, healing, and sexually intense indicators out there.

Honorable Mention: Hard Saturn Aspects

Although we mentioned that Saturn is good for long term relationships, this can be a difficult planet to work with if it makes enough hard aspects to the partner’s planets. Saturn, while good for setting a foundation and constructing a sturdy relationship, can be a wet blanket on a person’s fun. No one likes to be constantly under watch and reminded of the rules they must follow. Hard Saturn aspects in a synastry chart symbolize that the Saturn person may appear oppressive and too controlling in the relationship. They dampen the other person’s creativity, sucking the life and the fun out of everything. As you can imagine, not so good for a marriage prospect. However they CAN be worked through given enough time and communication, which is why this is only an honorable mention.

What do YOU think?

Do you have any of these aspects listed above? Comment down below and share your experience. I would love to hear about how aspects have played out in your own relationship!

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