Mercury in Aries

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Mercury, planet of speech, all forms of communication, learning, and short distance travel, in Aries, sign of self, exploration, passion, and pioneering. In this fiery sign, Mercury works fast and quickly, though sometimes he misses the small print.

With natal Mercury in Aries, these natives think and reach conclusions rather quickly. This doesn’t always mean they are correct though. Preferring their own manner of thinking, these natives tend to be arrogant in speech and thought. They are blunt yet honest and may also be quick speakers until the later years when they learn not to run over their own points. These natives also have a tendency to exaggerate when telling stories, though not intentionally.

When it comes down to arguing or defending a point of view, Mercury in Aries people can quickly conjure many counters to an opponent’s arguments. In fact they have a love of debate and enjoy sharing their ideas with other people who are just as passionate. At times when they are excited, they like to play devil’s advocate for no particular reason. People with Mercury in Aries are not fond of fake and phony people; they can sniff out the bull extremely fast due to Aries’ quick-firing nature.

These natives are very original in thought and can come up with fresh ways to do old things. They tend to develop unique thinking patterns and quirky sayings. Sometimes they can be headstrong in their thoughts and will only take experience for an answer regardless of advice from others. Fortunately they are extremely adaptive and have keen perception. There are very few situations in which these people cannot survive.

That quick thinking is actually perfect for an entrepreneur or pioneer who needs that eagerness for something new to light a flame under his butt. Mercury in Aries shows that these people are likely to form their own ideas about the business, although other placements and aspects will show whether or not they can succeed in business in the first place.

The biggest challenge of Mercury in Aries is consistency of thought. These natives love to write and read about their passion, but Mercury’s nature is fickle and their mind changes often. They may impulsively start a new venture, only to redirect that energy into another even in the same day. They have to be wary of restlessness and boredom, which strike these people hard.

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