Mercury in Gemini

Mercury, planet of all forms of communication, learning and short distance travel, in Gemini, the sign of communication, information, and siblings. Mercury rules Gemini and works well with its energy.

Gemini is a fitting home for Mercury; both are concerned with information, communication, the nervous system, the lungs, the hands, and most things in pairs. People with natal Mercury in Gemini are very intelligent, resourceful and adaptive. They process information fast and are able to teach what they learn. These natives are prone to have a wide social circle in their neighborhood.

They have a talent for reading the energy in a room. These natives can mirror a person’s communication style and match it to connect with them. From this, they can extract information from almost anyone, meanwhile keeping their own secrets hidden. They do tend to have a lot of information about topics they are involved in.

The energy of this placement can also manifest as bratty, witty, clever, charming, and a bit childish. They may like to play pranks and use humor to alleviate serious discussions. Natal Mercury in Gemini can also indicate someone who is close to their brothers and sisters, or to other close family members.

As one could expect, natal Mercury in Gemini indicates a love of writing, literature and science. These people enjoy working their mind to its limits in the pursuit of more knowledge. They may also take an interest in the occult later in life.

Mercury in Gemini natives love to share what they know and are creative enough to vary their approach. These people do well as bloggers, journalists, magazine editors, video editors, teachers, scientists, advertisers, cameramen, delivery people, cab drivers and basically any position that involves disseminating information or moving people.

What either Mercury or Gemini lacks is direction. While together they are great for gathering information, if the individual does not have a clear purpose for which information is necessary, these natives tend to gossip and commit small talk. If they are not careful about this, they can miss out on many opportunities to profit from their wide base of knowledge.

Although these people are crafty, they lack emotional intelligence and might find gaining a deeper perspective difficult. This leads to shallowness and immaturity if they . It is why they appear as fickle in relationships, as they would rather skirt around deeper emotional issues than discuss them with a partner. In relationships they love a partner who is also a friend and with whom they can discuss the many topics that cross their mind.

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