Mercury in Taurus

Mercury, planet of all forms of communication, learning, and short distance travel, in Taurus, sign of practicality, reserve, resources, and artistic creativity. This suggests someone with a practical mind who would rather think things through than jump the gun.

Natal Mercury in Taurus natives have a determined mindset. They are practical and choose traditional methods rather than exploring new ideas. They tend to have good judgement and reasoning abilities. They have a resolve to see things through, but at the same time they find it hard to adapt because they can be stubborn. Once their minds are made up, it takes much convincing to adopt other points of view. They may tend to have strong likes and dislikes and are usually loyal to a belief or idea. Because Taurus the most rigid sign, these people usually talk and think very methodically.

These natives are also quite resourceful and are constantly thinking of ways to make more money. Mercury represents business, so potential for work as bank tellers, advisors, accountants, and other professions involving finances or consulting is there.

In early schooling, they may be studious and hardworking. They learn best when they study something practical and have a set goal and an organized structure. Mercury in Taurus is not adjustable in the slightest, they need a steady pace to operate efficiently.

With Taurus being an artistic sign, people with natal Mercury in Taurus are also fond of beauty, art, music, and refined amusement. They actually tend to be happy people who enjoy harmony in their environment. They enjoy recreational activities and friendly encounters. If Venus is well-placed, especially if she is in Taurus as well, these natives may also have a strong, pleasant voice conducive for singing or opera.

People with natal Mercury in Taurus may get caught in a mental rut if they do not seek knowledge for themselves. Any planet in Taurus has a small chance of wasting its potential due to being content with its current position. Therefore these people need to stay motivated to always keep their mind sharp and ideologies up to date.

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