Mercury in Cancer

Mercury, the planet of all forms of communication, information, and short distance travel, in Cancer, sign of the home, the mother, nurturing, love, and family. Here Mercury has a chance to be sensitive and delves into its emotions.

Cancer is the sign of the home, domestic life, the mother, and nurturing. It represents our instincts to protect what we hold dear and to watch for its growth. Mercury absorbs these traits, making these natives very home driven, motherly, and protective of their own thoughts. They may care about their friends and family deeply, always pondering of ways to provide comfort when necessary. They have a fantastic memory and tend to be highly impressionable and sensitive. These natives enjoy spending with their family. In fact they can be a joy to be around anyone, as both Mercury and Cancer represent childhood. They have a joy of life that is unique and magnetic.

Natal Mercury in Cancer is very creative and spiritual. The watery nature of Cancer (as well as the other water signs) add a sensitive nature to Mercury aside from business and intelligence. These people are connected with their feelings and are able to explain them better than most other Mercury placements. Although this is true for most Mercury in Cancer natives, they may not always be willing to share that information with just any friend or relative; they too have secrets that only the closest shall know. They love discretion and can keep a secret just as well.

As Cancer is a cardinal sign, the mind can be restless and investigative. Creative activities like drawing, painting, poetry, sculpting, playing music, or decorating can ease their tension. If the interest is there, Mercury in Cancer natives may find themselves searching for psychic or occult information. This is one of the aspects that favors a home-based business or lifestyle, as these natives are mainly comfortable in the confines of their home environment.

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