Mercury in Leo

Mercury, planet of all forms of communication, learning, and short distance travels, in Leo, sign of kings and queens, of passion, individualization, and children. In Leo, Mercury describes a dignified and proud mindset.

With natal Mercury in Leo, an individual is likely to have grand thoughts; be generous, kind and fair to everyone they meet; have a fiery but temporary temper; be an inspirational speaker; be fond of children; and be intellectual and intuitive. They have a love of amusements and possess lofty ideals for the world. To them, being positive and inspiring is very important. Once these people decide on a goal, their entire willpower is utilized to see it come to fruition.

Just like Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Leo natives tend to have beautiful voices perfect for vocal careers. In addition, they may do well acting, in sports, and in careers related to amusement and pleasure.

Natal Mercury in Leo describes someone who is very proud of their accomplishments. Often these people want recognition for the goals they achieve or what they have created. It is not uncommon to hear these people brag about themselves loudly and without filter. Natives with Mercury in Leo are very self aware, but sometimes they miss how others are receiving their self praise.

But many times they do have much to boast about. They are ambitious and the magnetic energy of Leo gives them many friends and fans to influence. Mercury in Leo natives tend to be very imaginative, generous, and philanthropic, so often they are recognized for their charitable acts. They are also extremely dignified, and often avoid troublesome people and acts. They have an organized mind and a commanding voice, perfect for leadership and management positions.

Be aware of having too much fun. It is important to avoid drugs and indulgence in other vices that will affect the heart.

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