Mercury in Libra

Mercury, the planet of all forms of communication, learning, and short distance travels, in Libra, sign of intimate relationships, business, the fine arts, and marriage. In Libra, Mercury suggests a very balanced mindset and a love of refined education.

Natal Mercury in Libra suggests very refined tastes in intellectual pursuits. These natives are usually philosophical, intelligent, dignified in their thoughts, and have a want for balance and harmony when communicating with people. They can be vividly creative, possessing a talent for poetry, songwriting, drama, and literature. They would rather surround themselves with like-minded people who are of high status and talk about politics, law, and other high-class topics.

Libra is the sign of balance, and therefore these people make for great diplomats. These natives are just and want a fair discussion between both parties. They may be negotiators and liaisons between persons in their personal life. Others might find themselves offering relationship advice to their family or close friends.

They must be wary of indecision and deliberation. If these natives are presented with too many options, they can have trouble weighing them all within a reasonable timeframe and may be stuck in that position. To solve this, they can always remind themselves which option is more in line with their own objectives, as they can easily make a decision to appease other parties.

People with natal Mercury in Libra have a natural knack for communicating with other people. They do well in positions in businesses where they can speak directly to the customers or clients. Call centers, customer service reps, and the like are easy jobs for them. However, they can have a proclivity to manipulation and using their natural gift of gab and tact to seduce other people to their point of view. This is dangerous and only spark enmity when victims figure out they have been used.

These natives are able to give their partner the gift of friendship. Mercury allows easy discussion in intimate settings, marriage and business alike. This placement adds a softness to any discussion, but also makes expressing emotions quite uncomfortable. After all, Libra is another air sign, and although Mercury does do well in this sign, emotions are still not a strong point even in personal relationships. What this placement does suggest is that the lines of communication are open and compromises can be made after both parties come to an agreement.

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