Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury, planet of all forms of communication, learning, and short distance travel, in Scorpio, sign of the subconscious, emotional depth, transformation, and the occult. Mercury in this sign makes for a deeply contemplative and investigative mind.

In Scorpio, Mercury absorbs its secretive and determined nature. Often these natives are the strong, silent type. They are people who do well researching metaphysical and occult topics. They love to dive deeper into subjects than most. This also means they enjoy conversations with depth, rather than Mercury’s usual tendency towards shallow gossip. However, as Scorpio represents the darker side of Mars, these natives may have quite the snarky and sarcastic tongue, revel in manipulation, and desire to dominate the thinking of others.

Natives with Mercury in Scorpio have great perception, keeping much of what they see to themselves to use later. Their friends and relatives are usually of a darker nature, and more often than not, these natives dip their toes into trouble. They can turn out to be quite charming and may have many partners of the opposite sex. They also have a tendency to seek pleasures if their circle of friends do as well.

Career-wise, Mercury in Scorpio makes for the perfect scientists, private eyes, detectives, and other vocations where deep study is the main focus. Their special power is their determination to see any long-term project completed that requires many hours of study, introspection, and excavating information. They are detail-oriented and can understand how several bits of information come together to form an informed assumption.

However, this investigative nature can backfire. These natives are also prone to suspicion and can easily be anxious of the people around them. If they handle it poorly, Mercury in Scorpio natives can turn out to be skeptics, doubting the intentions of their friends and relatives. But they can turn this around easily by trusting others and saving their deep introspective nature for a profitable career.

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