Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury, planet of all forms of communication, learning and short distance travel, in Sagittarius, sign of higher education, philosophy, law, spirituality, and foreign cultures. In its detriment, Mercury has difficulty accepting the opinion of others, but may learn much about many cultures.

In Sagittarius, Mercury is loud, confident, opinionated, philosophical, generous, friendly, provident, and wise. The sign of Jupiter lends much of his knowledge to young Mercury, so these natives can share their innate wisdom with their friends and family and as consultants in business. They are curious about the world and seek to experience many different cultures.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign, so they tend to have wavering interests, though they can be quite passionate about their hobbies. They tend to make many high status friends and love to discuss politics, law, religion, and philosophy. In fact, these subjects are where these natives shine the best. They excel in most all mental fields and, if available, should pursue higher education to feed their hungry minds.

Sagittarius is the sign of detriment for Mercury, meaning Mercury has difficulty expressing itself within this sign. Mercury wants to take in information and gather knowledge; in Sagittarius, however, Mercury can be caught up in the opinions of life rather than the facts.

Natives with this placement tend to be quite loquacious, without really having much to say. They might be regurgitating what they have heard on the news, read in a book, or from someone they spoke with. However, because Sagittarius is a bit overconfident at times, these natives may not fact-check those points, therefore believing their opinions and experiences are reality.

They also tend to proselytize to friends and family, more so if they are religious or have found a cause to fight for. These natives can make for great preachers and religious and spiritual speakers if they develop interest in those fields.

Other than this, people with natal Mercury in Sagittarius tend to enjoy amusements and sports. They probably know everything about their favorite team, down to statistics and player history. Depending on their chart, they also may turn out to be gymnasts, Olympic athletes, or track runners.

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