Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury, planet of all forms of communication, learning, and short distance travel, in Capricorn, the sign of ambition, accomplishment, labor, struggle, and discipline. Here, Mercury’s calculative abilities can be put to work, borrowing from Capricorn’s cardinal qualities.

I have been railing on Mercury as kind of childish or too friendly, but in Capricorn this planet acts with more responsibility and purpose. Natives with this placement speak and thinking very slowly and cautiously; they communicate very intentionally; they are meticulous when it comes to learning. They are economical and understand the fundamentals of finance extremely well. Because they are outwardly very slow and cautious, other people tend to think these natives are dull. But internally, they ruminate over their lived experience and make informed decisions that yield results.

People with Mercury in Capricorn are serious and contemplative. They tend to be smart and perceptive, if they are given enough time to observe their surroundings. Capricorn has a tendency to worry and fear, so these people can be quite anxious if they do not feel secure in life. This will be mostly true during their formative years, so they really need to go out and live life while young.

These natives possess business acumen like none other. They have an innate knowledge of building the foundations for successful trading, thanks to the experience that Capricorn tends to accumulate. Natal Mercury in Capricorn is symbolic of slow, methodical learning; this slow gain of knowledge is important in retaining information, though. People with this placement have to overcome their fear of failure to figure out what actually works in the real world.

Mercury in Capricorn is indicative of a teacher, administrator, someone who has fundamental knowledge and can teach it to others. They may also be proficient in networking, public speaking, lecturing, as managers, lead salespersons, financial advisors, and other Mercurial occupations.

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