Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury, planet of all forms of communication, learning, and short distance travel, in Aquarius, sign of intellect and genius, humanity as a whole, and invention. Here Mercury can explore his genius and become a fantastic innovator for humanity.

Aquarius is a fixed, airy sign which symbolizes the ideas that push humanity forward. Mercury does very well in Aquarius as in this sign, the intellect is free to invent. Mercury can apply all its craftiness to accomplish goals of the mind, often at the benefit of people around them. They are very bright people, often geniuses; very clever; friendly and amiable; rebellious and liberating. They are very observant, intelligent, and good judges of human character.

With natal Mercury in Aquarius, people with this placement are likely to feel drawn towards idealistic humanitarian efforts. They may wish to join organizations that help the less fortunate or give the silent crowd a voice. They have an understanding that people could work more efficiently if they work together with a strong emphasis on freedom. However they can be a little brash at people who seem too fearful to take the necessary leaps forward.

Natives with Mercury in Aquarius should think of where they can make the best strides in their community. Some of their skills involves mathematics, reading, and macro-networking. They can do well in science, the occult, and metaphysical topics.

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