Mercury in Pisces

Mercury, planet of all forms of communication, learning, and short distance travel, in Pisces, sign of the imagination, boundless creativity, spirituality, and infinite compassion. In this sign, Mercury exchanges its calculating wit for boundless creativity.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll realize by now that Mercury is both an airy and earthy planet; its ability to categorize and analyze information encompasses both qualities of these elements. However, in water signs, Mercury stumbles because it is not well-versed in emotion. Pisces natives tend to be overflowing with emotion, including the emotions of those around him.

Instead of deep hours of study and application, natives with Mercury in Pisces are apt to have incredible intuition and insight, seemingly from nowhere. They have a wide knowledge base and can usually be counted on to have some answers, albeit eccentric ones. They are quite imaginative, creative, perceptive, and idealistic. No matter where their physical body is located they can visualize other places and achieve a unique perspective from several angles. It is also possible they may possess telepathic abilities or could act as mediums.

On the down side, natives with Mercury in Pisces have to be wary of their use of narcotics and conscious-altering substances. They may quickly form an addiction thanks to the Piscean tendency to retreat into escapists habits. This placement also indicates a strong tendency toward daydreaming, apathy, laziness, and environmental influence. They think about others before themselves, giving up their own ideas and beliefs to appease other people. If there is no religious or spiritual inclination in life, this placement can lead to severe depression or phases of nihilism and defeatism.

Later in life, they will learn that appeasement attracts the wrong people, and instead they supplement it with caring for those closest to them. They can use this knowledge to their advantage and apply it to nursing or healthcare aides, who tend to the less fortunate. Equally so, they may have deep spiritual wisdom they can share to the world or the people around them. Careers centered around the intangible, psychic phenomenon, healing, hospitals, as well as art and music, fit this natal placement well.

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