The Lunar Mansions – Nakshatras 22-28

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(Based on sidereal astrology and notes from Alexandre Volguine’s Lunar Astrology)

The lunar mansions (aka nakshatras) mark the journey of the Moon along its path on the ecliptic. This post covers the lunar mansions 22 through 28. If you missed the first post explaining what the lunar mansions are and their significance in the natal chart, check it out here.

Mansion XXII – 0° to 12°51’26” Capricorn

-ruled by Moon

  • Occidental: Caaldalbala, Caalbeba; stimulates healing
  • Arabic: Al Sa’ad, al-Dhabih, “the Fortunate Assassin”; personal power, unfavorable for marriage and on loans of money, but permits the native to frequently escape the consequences of his actions
  • Chinese: Hsu, “Emptiness”; creative power, a strong will and a sense of justice; allows advancement through the native’s own efforts, but threatens wounds in wars or riots of loss of a position attained with difficult; favorable time for beginning a marriage
  • Hindu: Abhijit, “the undefeatable”, “ever-conquering”, “complete victory”, “final victory”; represents triumph and achievement; experiencing life as a struggle until around age 27; often tied with the previous nakshatra (Uttara Shadha)
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Thiah, “the End of All Things”; unfavorable for speculation and trade or female relationships; little luck with women in the family and premature death of the mother or wife

Mansion XXIII – 12°51’27” to 25°42’52” Capricorn

-ruled by Mars

  • Occidental: Caaldetolach, Caaldebolab, Caaldebda; causes divorce;
  • Arabic: Al Sa’d Bula, “the Fortunate Aviator”; favorable influence for doctors, soldiers, politicians but unfavorable on everything concerning marriage, children, and contracts
  • Chinese: Wei, “the Precipice”; indicates at least partial loss of wealth towards the end of life; (horary) sign of a danger threatening the consultant
  • Hindu: Sravana, “the Ear”; promotes fame and popularity, and the love of women
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Casiah; indicates the power of securing the favor of superiors, but in a more or less intermittent or capricious manner; shows a career strewn with strife, envy and jealousy but which could achieve success

Mansion XXIV – 25°42’53” Capricorn to 8°34′ Aquarius

-ruled by the North Node/Rahu

  • Occidental: Zaaldodothot, Caadachot; promotes trade and love
  • Arabic: Al Sa’d al-Su’ud, “the Wretched of the Wretched”; sign of an eventful and ultimately rather unhappy career; unfavorable for those responsible for the administration of a country or city, the higher the position, the more unfavorable; (horary) favorable for marriage, plans, enterprises, and friendships
  • Chinese: Che, “the Western Wall”; promotes everything having to do with constructions especially of houses; not good for travel by water
  • Hindu: Dhanishta, Shrobistha, “Abundance”; confers vast knowledge, but also a rather restrained sensitivity; emotionally detached
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Siah, “Strength”; favorable if the native acts with prudence; capable of completely overturning his existence if impulsive and reckless

Mansion XXV – 8°34’19” to 21°25’44” Aquarius

-ruled by Jupiter

  • Occidental: Caaldabachia, Caalda; diseases of the uterus in women’s charts
  • Arabic: Al Sa’d al-Ahbiyah, “the Star of the Dungeons”; foretells of feminine interventions in the native’s business affairs; very evil influence on pregnancy; favorable for revenge and for the effects of medicine
  • Chinese: Py, Tung Pi, “the Eastern Wall”; same as nakshatra XXIV; sign of inheritance
  • Hindu: Satabhishak, “the Great Doctor”; makes the native courageous, stubborn, capable of triumph over enemies, but unlucky in business at certain times in life because of ambitions or rough manners; some say illnesses which arise in the mansion are incurable
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Niah, “the Light”; unfavorable for criminals and for people of loose morals; favorable for discoveries and study of sciences; a lively curiosity for the sciences

Mansion XXVI – 21°25’45” Aquarius to 4°17’10” Pisces

-ruled by Saturn

  • Occidental: Algafarmuth, Algafalbuchor, Algazaldi, Alm; love and protection
  • Arabic: Al Fargh al-Awwal, “the Upper Hole of the Flask”; favorable for marriage, agriculture, and buying and selling; unfavorable for ocean voyages
  • Chinese: Kei, “the Stride”; signifies the possibility of obtaining a position by the mediation of friends or relations, many deception and painful efforts, and finally success
  • Hindu: Purva Bhadrapada, “the Front of the Blissful”; sign of a melancholy, frequently lugubrious imagination, patience, and dignity; favors wealth in career; the whole life is rather sad or difficult; obedience to women; restraint of tender impulses caused by avarice
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Phias, “Eloquence”; considered favorable for politicians, business and works of charity

Mansion XXVII – 4°17’11” to 17°8’36” Pisces

-ruled by Mercury

  • Occidental: Algarfermuth, Algafalbuhor, Algafelmucar; facilitates everything having to do with psychism, clairvoyance and spiritism; not favorable for beginning a project
  • Arabic: Al Fargh al-Thani, “the Lower Hole of the Flask”; love of the outdoors; bad luck with money or incompetence in managing it; favorable for harvests, earnings and marriage; unfavorable for travel, real estate, and loans of money
  • Chinese: Lu, “Lasso”; indicates idealism and ultimately unsuccessful aspirations; natives demand immediate results from ventures or plan more than execute; considered with XXVI to aid in maintenance of canals and wheat granaries, in hunts, border wards, executions and the care of white clothing
  • Hindu: Uttara Bhadrapada, “Back of the Blissful”; a retired life, uncertainty in first part of life, happiness through children; ease with people, a charitable and sensitive nature; favors meditation
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Taddiah, “Merit”; favorable for those who act wisely; unfavorable for expatriates and usurers

Mansion XXVIII – 17°8’37” Pisces to 0° Aries

-ruled by South Node/Ketu

  • Occidental: Anaxhe; makes travelers safe during dangerous crossings but causes loss of valuables
  • Arabic: Al Batn al-Hut, “the Belly of the Fish”; favorable for conjugal happiness and for business, but unfavorable for sick people; very often a sign of poverty, but also help in the moment of danger
  • Chinese: Wei, “the Belly”; sign of frequent journeys in life; for women, unfavorable influence by seduction and the birth of child outside of marriage, or at least by divorce
  • Hindu: Revati, “the Extremely Rich”; sign of popularity, of many virtues, and of courage
  • Kabbalists/Hebrews: Oiah, “the Sphere”; externally indicates a life of struggle; internally, tranquility and a gentle nature

In a reading…

The lunar mansions can be included in a natal chart reading if you would like deeper insight into the activities of a particular planet. As you can see, most of the lunar mansions actually reflect a bit of the zodiacal meanings as well. For example, it’s interesting that the first lunar mansion is slightly descriptive of Aries in general: “need for movement”, “Commander of the Asterisms”, “mark of authority” and “day-to-day quarrels”.

Check out which of your own natal planets fall within these final seven lunar mansions. Do these additional insights resonate with you?

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